By: Michelle Blood January 9, 2018

We’re only two weeks into the New Year and while it’s exciting to imagine what’s ahead in 2018, at times the “unknown” can be a bit daunting to consider, especially for those without the hope of a Savior.

These past two mornings on my commute into work, I listened to “FamilyLife Today” – primarily because of the series title, Through the Eyes of Hope.  Without knowing the content, it seemed to be the perfect broadcast to help calibrate my own thinking for 2018 and give me a clearer vision for the days ahead. Well, it did much more than that.

On the broadcast, Dennis Rainey interviewed Lacey Buchanan, a young mom, who learned during her pregnancy she would give birth to a son with a cleft palate.  That news alone was heartbreaking until she saw her son and discovered it was much worse. Lacey talks with Dennis and Bob Lepine of her journey from pregnancy to birth to her marriage breakdown.  She admits at one point believing that God couldn’t fix “her mess.”  Interestingly, isn’t that how most of us feel at one time or another?

Dennis encourages listeners by saying …

“You’ve got to have a place to take your fear—to take your worries, to take your concerns—and cast them on Him, because He does care for you; and He does have a plan. He is a good God.”

Lacey did eventually reclaim that truth and found God was much bigger than her problems.

It’s really a compelling story of trusting God in the face of adversity.  A message for every listener (me included), in every season of life.  Find out more about Lacey’s journey, as well as listen to the 2-part series, here.  More great stories are ahead on “FamilyLife Today” in January so be sure you download this month’s Program Tool Kit.

In fact, in the coming weeks FamilyLife puts a focus on marriage starting on Monday, January 15, with guests Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth (Revive Our Hearts).  This broadcast series is in conjunction with a limited time offer to attend the Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway at HALF PRICE.  Listeners registering for any upcoming conference through January 29th can save 50% just by using the radio promo code: “WEEKEND.”  Feel free to share this offer with your audience.  We have promotional materials available for download here, should you want to promote it on-air or online.  Or, you can email me for all the details.

Thank you for your continued partnership into this New Year.  May you look ahead with great anticipation knowing God is in control and can carry you through any storm that may come your way.



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