By: Peggy Campbell March 24, 2017

1-Captained by Sean Connery playing a Russian sub commander.

2-No longer sailing the seas, she is permanently moored in Long Beach harbor. Actually, as Ev says about herself as well, she lives at the Beach and we don’t.

3-Three ships sailing to America, thanks to Christopher Columbus.

4-Otherwise known as “Old Ironsides,” the ship is now a Boston museum.

5-This ship is also a museum—actually a sacred burial ground since 12/7/41.

6-It carried Charles Darwin around the globe. Dog-eared?

7-Well, Pilgrim, say hello to America.

8-Speaking of “Pilgrim,” this former mine sweeper was owned by a famous former Newport Beach resident.

9-Named for the owner’s daughter, this floating palace hosted the world’s elite including a President’s widow.

10-It was used as a presidential yacht from Herbert Hoover to Jimmy Carter—who had it sold in 1977. Wonder if a new one is on its way?

Calling all answers!  Submit your best guesses to Peggy >>


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