By: Michelle Blood December 4, 2017

It’s December!  Where did the year go?  It’s seems hard to believe we’ll be ushering in a new one soon and before you can say NRB, that will be here too!

Speaking of which, by now you should’ve received the NRB invitation from FamilyLife to attend a private preview of their new movie, Like Arrows” (produced in partnership with the Kendrick brothers).  If you plan to attend NRB in Nashville, we hope you’ll consider attending this event.  In addition to learning how this film and new parenting resources can help your listeners, you’ll have the opportunity to meet FamilyLife’s incoming President and CEO, David Robbins.  Here’s what he posted on December 1, his first day:

“Today officially begins a new chapter for Meg and me. As we join to serve the @FamilyLifeToday team, we are grateful for the amazing people there & for the gracious mentorship from @DennisRainey & @BarbaraRainey. Prayers welcome in this transition season!”

We hope you’ll connect with David on Twitter (@DavidRobbinsFAM) and welcome him to FamilyLife!

For more information on the NRB event or to RSVP, email me directly at

As I mentioned earlier, December is here … and with it, a full month of great interviews with Dennis Rainey on “FamilyLife Today.”  Take a look:

  • The Broken Way with best-selling author, Ann Voskamp (airs 12/4-12/6)
  • A Practical Guide to Culture with John Stonestreet, president of the Colson Center and host of “BreakPoint” (airs 12/11-12/13)
  • Dangerous Territory with Amy Petersen, author and daughter of Bob Lepine (airs 12/14-15)

And after Christmas, Dennis and Bob Lepine share a few more highlights from 25 years of Radio.  We hope you’ll encourage listeners to tune in all month.  The complete list of broadcasts airing in December can be found in the Program Tool Kit.

On behalf of everyone at FamilyLife, thank you for a wonderful year of partnership!  We look forward to continuing that in the new year under the direction of the ministry’s new president.  In the meantime, may your Christmas be full of  joy as you celebrate our Savior’s birth with your family.

“Let’s make sure we don’t lose sight, over the next four weeks, of what this season is all about. This is all about celebrating the greatest gift that was ever given to any people—the gift of eternal life—given to us by God through His Son.”  Bob Lepine


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