By: Michelle Blood September 4, 2018

“The dynamics of our marriage began to change even after the first session! We both realized how much we wanted to honor our relationship with God and with each other by fighting for our marriage. The projects helped us to start evaluating ourselves and helped us start having much needed conversations in a healthy and safe way.”  – Married 14 Years

This is just one of countless testimonies FamilyLife has received from couples who’ve attended the Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway.  Having attended a few times with my husband, we can attest to the value this weekend conference can have on a marriage.  Honestly, we never left without learning something new about ourselves, each other, and more importantly what God can do when we make Him the priority.

More couples can experience this same renewal in their marriage this fall when the Weekend to Remember® season kicks off later this month.   And for a limited time, they can register at HALF PRICE!  Encourage your audience to consider attending this marriage-changing event.  To make it easy, we have a plethora of promotional materials available here for your convenience.  The HALF PRICE offer runs from September 10-24.

Coinciding with this campaign, “FamilyLife Today” shares the stories of several couples who have experienced trouble and heartache in their own marriage yet through patience, perseverance, and dependence on God, have grown closer.  Here’s a brief look at who’s joining Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine on the broadcast:

  • Pastor and author, D.A. Horton, and his wife Elicia talk about Fighting for a Gospel-Saturated Life (airs 9/10).
  • Marriage and family therapist, Laura Taggart, on Changing the Way You Relate (airs 9/14).
  • Author, Shauna Shanks, shares how her marriage is Starting Over (airs 9/19).
  • Author, Sheila Gregoire, reveals the 9 Thoughts that Can Change Your Marriage (airs 9/20-21).

To see the complete list of programs airing in September, download the Program Tool Kit.

And for more Help & Hope available from FamilyLife, check out their latest copy of this e-newsletter.



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