By: Michelle Blood June 29, 2017

Dennis Rainey has always valued the importance of worshipping God first and keeping marriage and family a priority.  Speaking to men and women attending Dallas Theological Seminary, Dennis shared…

“Our hearts, it’s said, are made to worship something. And when we don’t worship God, we don’t go on to worship nothing, we go on to worship everything.”

What Dennis shared with the students at DTS in 2015 is just as important for your audience to hear today.  These timeless messages–on avoiding the marriage-destroying traps of work (or ministry), the toxic effect of pornography, and the challenges of raising prodigal children–will air on “FamilyLife Today” July 24-28.  More timely broadcasts are airing earlier in the month that many of your listeners won’t want to miss either:

  • The Smart Stepdad with Ron Deal (airs July 12-14)
  • Finding Your Future Mate with Alistair Begg (airs July 19-21)

While the subject matter is different, the main point is still the same … worship God first!

For the complete list of programming available in July, go here.

In recent days, we’ve heard from several stations expressing their appreciation of FamilyLife and how the ministry’s mission to encourage marriages and families resonates so well with their listeners.  We trust this month of programming will do the same for your audience.

Grateful for your partnership!



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