By: Selah Cosentino October 17, 2018

It’s an intriguing question.  What would you try?

For me, it was a new exercise plan.  Two years ago, I was considering signing up for personal training at the local gym.  After hearing my goals and sharing his plan, the fitness manager told me, “You’re going to see results.”  The question wasn’t whether his plan would work; it was if I wanted to follow it or not.  (I did decide to pursue it and am so glad I did!)

Perhaps fear is what holds us back from trying new things.  It is for me.  Fear of failure can be a debilitating force that undermines even the best intentions.

When you look at the research about evangelism, it makes one wonder if fear of failure is also a driving cause behind the majority of Christians not sharing our faith.

I can get lost in my own thoughts and worries about saying the “wrong thing.”  And that’s before I look to the guidance of the dozens of books and advice on the topic.  How do I choose which approach to follow?!  It can become overwhelming, and some Christians decide to not even try.

To that point, here are some heartbreaking stats from

  • Only 7% of churchgoers consistently spend time building relationships with non-Christians for the purpose of sharing Christ with them.
  • 56% of churchgoers don’t believe that sharing their faith is an essential obligation of their Christian life.
  • 59% of all Christians say they seldom or never share their faith with others.

What’s different about Barry Meguiar’s approach to evangelism is that it’s refreshingly simple.  And, what the fitness manager told me rings true—you will see results.  (Barry has for over 40 years!)

The entire “plan” is to love people—as Barry says, that alone is enough of a surprise in today’s culture!  But he doesn’t stop there.  Connect every loving thing you do back to God—that way, people know it’s His influence that prompted your action.

Love can look like a lot of different things … it can be praying for the wait staff who takes your order, saying “God bless you” at the end of your encouraging conversation with a friend, studying Bible answers with a loved one who’s seeking answers, or extending grace when someone lets you down.

The bottom line is this: Every day, we can either move someone further away or closer to Jesus.  And every action influences which it will be.

We know that God is the One Who moves the heart—and because of that, success is ultimately guaranteed!  That truth takes the pressure off of us doing it perfectly, and gives us the freedom to just love people and share the stories of life transformation the Lord has done in us!

So, as Barry says, may we use every opportunity we have to … Move everyone, every day, closer to Jesus.


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