By: Selah Cosentino July 28, 2016


It’s not usually the first word that comes to mind when you think about comedy shows.  But as I listened to a conversation between two Christian comedians—Tim Hawkins and Michael Jr.—I was struck by the weight of their thoughts.

The men discussed their transformation as performers when they moved from a mentality of trying to “get” laughs out of people … to giving their audience the opportunity to laugh.

It’s a transition from self-focused to others-focused.

And the truth is, comedian or not—we can all apply that “give” outlook to our lives!  Barry Meguiar is someone who regularly approaches people with the “what opportunity can I give them?” mentality … especially when he shares his faith.

We aren’t called to evangelize simply for the sake of checking a task off our list or getting a gold star in Christianity.  Barry shares that he’s tried that—and he knows there’s so much more to presenting our faith.

The Lord commissions us to deliver the Good News because He wants the whole world to hear about his unmatched, unprecedented, and undeserved grace … so they can have the opportunity to accept the free gift He so readily offers.

Approaching witnessing with a “give” attitude makes it way easier!

As believers, we know Christ is the answer to the world’s pain and problems.  But you know who doesn’t understand that reassuring truth?  The people who have yet to put their hope in the Savior.

When we enter every conversation asking ourselves, “What does this person uniquely need?”—we are able to press into their circumstances and drop our insecurities.

We’re no longer worried about our theology presentation skills or testimony delivery methods.  Instead, we actively listen to the people God places in our lives, and—in tune with the Spirit’s leading—meet them where they’re at.  The right words will come.

And so will abundant joy.

Selah Cosentino
Ambassador: We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

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