By: June 11, 2018

It’s hard not to personalize his message once you’ve heard Samy Tanagho’s enthusiasm.  When he suggested I pray about meeting a Muslim near me, I didn’t even know I took it to heart– until one day the words just fell out of my mouth during prayer.  And let me just say… “ask and you shall receive,” (Matthew 7:7).

Since Samy’s launch last month of his 1:00 radio programGlad News for Muslims, I’ve suddenly had multiple interactions with Muslims left and right.  Before praying to meet a Muslim person, I had no idea I was surrounded by so many Islamic neighbors.

The first time was subtle.  I was shopping at IKEA when a woman and I made eye contact.  We were awkwardly in each other’s way in a tight aisle.  Like Samy suggests, I smiled and she smiled back.

The second time was in a laundromat.  A Muslim woman’s toddler was interested in my dryer, more than his mother’s.  He was adorable!  I felt God nudge me to strike a conversation with his mom.  But the kid was much easier to talk to– so I started there.

And then last weekend… I found myself having a conversation with a man at the mall who wanted to give me a Quran!  At the end of the conversation, we acknowledged that we believed different things, but we both loved Jesus.

I walked away feeling energized and like I was walking in God’s agenda for my casual Saturday afternoon!  And at the same time… I couldn’t help but wonder if I had done everything God called me to do.  Was there anything else I could’ve said?

And if God hadn’t already made Himself clear on this important calling yet, this past Sunday’s message was on John chapter 3.  Here we read Jesus literally evangelizing to Nicodemus and giving us a step-by-step on how to share the Good News.

I left church feeling so grateful to have Glad News Ministry as an additional resource!  Samy’s winsome attitude makes engaging with Muslims sound so easy.  Interestingly enough, I’m finding this calling is going to be a lot easier than I thought!

Is there a Muslim near you, God’s prepared to work in? Ask Him.


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