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About Amb-OS

Amb-OS is a sister company of Ambassador and creators of the Amb-OS AMR-100 receiver – the distribution platform that revolutionized Christian radio.  Stations that use AMB-OS are enjoying multiple advancements in technology. Visit for specific details on how it works, installation instructions, and more.

Programs on Amb-OS
Every Ambassador-represented program you find on this site is available on Amb-OS.  Amb-OS serves additional outstanding broadcasts.  View the full list at

If a program you currently air or would like to air is not available on Amb-OS, we ask that you contact the ministry.  Many new Amb-OS partnerships are formed by direct requests from radio stations.

Requesting a receiver
Your radio station may qualify to receive an Amb-OS AMR receiver at no cost.  To inquire about receiving a new receiver, contact  Please include your station information and a list of programs you currently air and/or plan to air.

Requesting programs on Amb-OS
Make a request for permission to air a program at the Amb-OS Permissions Portal.  If you are requesting an Ambassador-represented program, we recommend first using the Add/Change Request Form.

Purchase an additional receiver
Your radio station may want to purchase a backup or second receiver.  Both the AMR-100 and AMR-100I (Internet-only version) are available for $595 (while supplies last) and may be purchased through Satcom Resources.

Returning a receiver
We ask that your radio station returns a receiver if it is no longer needed.  This includes radio stations that are sold, change formats, remove programming, or no longer have need for the receiver for another reason.  To make arrangements to return a receiver, contact

Amb-OS support
For trouble-shooting, training, frequently asked questions, installation instructions, the AMR-100 manual, UI software, and more visit

A support technician is available at 1-877-AMBOS2U (1-877-262-6728) and

We highly recommend subscribing the Amb-OS RSS feed for timely news and updates related to changes or delays of program files.  Another helpful resource is the Christian Radio Tech Forum.

Why use Amb-OS over FTP
In our humble expert opinion, the best way for you to obtain broadcasts is via Amb-OS.  It’s faster, more reliable, automatically updates replaced programs and makes sure you get the exact right programs just for you.  (If you’re only using FTP, it’s likely you’ve missed an updated program or two, whereas with Amb-OS, you’ll always get the latest edition.)  Some Amb-OS programs are customized or regionalized for each station which is all the more reason you’ll want to use the AMR-100.

Syndicate on Amb-OS
If you’d like to have your ministry’s radio program distributed on Amb-OS, please contact Charley Mefferd, VP, Sales and Marketing at 949-681-7640 or

What stations are saying

“The Amb-OS receiver and software work together beautifully to keep our programming current.  I believe it’s the easiest and most reliable system that we have had for program distribution since I’ve been in radio.”

–Andy Larsen, Manager, WHWL-WEUL-WHWG

“I am so impressed with your company’s offerings, ease of use, and hands-on service that the thought has crossed my mind to use the Amb-OS receiver exclusively.”

–Wayne Witcher, Station Manager, KCGS-AM

“Amb-OS all the way.  Dependable, fast, and great tech support.  The system is pretty much bullet proof from my viewpoint.”

–Keith Sanderson, Station Manager, KMOC-FM

“If I could vote 10 times to have a ministry program distribute via AMBOS, I would.  The system just works, and in the event of a local computer failure the files are all present locally on the AMBOS hardware, so collecting them even in an emergency is simple.”

–Dan Harder, Systems Engineer, KPOF-FM

“We prefer to receive programming through Amb-OS. Amb-OS has the advantage of allowing us to download the program in a hurry if something goes wrong, which is invaluable to us.  It’s the perfect balance of reliability and usability”

–Dalan Decker, Programming Director, The Rock Radio Network

“AMBOS is definitely what I’d recommend to programmers.  Not only is the system extremely reliable, but the support team is top-notch.”

–Tim Roberts, Operations Director, KMOC-FM