Our Hospitality

The red carpet treatment

“Welcome” is our middle name.

There’s no question that a company based on relationships would understand the value of “hospitality”—it’s not just good business, it’s our calling (Romans 12:13).  Whether inviting guests into our studios, or hosting celebrations, or enjoying a hymn sing in our “cathedral” (it doubles as an inherited racquetball court), we love what happens in fellowship.

Really—it’s just white chocolate & peanuts.

Long ago, our founder began mixing up batches of salted nuts covered in white chocolate, simply as a little treat for guests.  Today, you’ll find our team on the candy assembly line (think “Lucy” episode!) several times annually to keep us supplied for client meetings, distinguished guests, Christmas gifting and even a wedding or two.  If Bill Bright could start his ministry as a candy salesman—well, we figure we’re in good company!

Did someone say “party”?

We’re serious about having fun at Ambassador.  Whether it’s a birthday celebration, client visit, or just end-of-summer BBQ, we believe that fellowship is sweetest when it involves festive décor, fabulous food and maybe a few surprises.  Come join us sometime and discover that for yourself!  (Watch for the red carpet we roll out when you do!)

Soup’s on!

Pretty much every day our kitchen features some delectable delight to enjoy … whether it’s Al’s cookie experiments (bring ‘em on!), Jani’s fumi salad or when we’ve been really good—chocolate-covered strawberries. It’s munchy-heaven almost every day.  Okay … every day!  Take a look here for some of our favorite dishes—and the recipe neded to replicate yourself!

Making a joyful noise

All of this is well and good but if you want to really know our heart, stay for the hymn sing that frequently concludes such gatherings.  It may look like a racquetball court but for us it’s the best place in town to lift our voices in praise—the reverberation makes us sound as good as any tabernacle choir on earth!  And when the assembly includes someone like Joni?  Well, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Get in on the fun!

So … stop by sometime.  We’re minutes from Orange County’s John Wayne Airport (SNA) and “freeway close” to points of attraction like Disneyland, the Nixon Library and the Pacific Ocean.  If we know you’re coming, we’ll put up the sign to say so.  But planned or not, the red carpet is always out!

Hospitality … it’s an Ambassador hallmark!

Say Hello!

Not planning to see us in the near future?  Let us bring the hospitality to you!  Say “hello” and you’ll be rewarded with a box of candy to your door.