Our Legacy

"We are Ambassadors for Christ..."

It started with a verse.

When Al Sanders founded our company in 1959, he chose our name based on 2 Corinthians 5:20 . . .

“We are therefore ambassadors of Christ. . .” 

. . . and that has been our purpose statement ever since.  From the beginning, we have been privileged to serve outstanding organizations and communicators in widening and deepening the delivered message … and that continues today.

We became one of the first to connect ministry and media.

While still serving as Vice President at Biola University, Al Sanders founded Ambassador primarily to serve the school’s broadcast, “The Biola Hour.”  In 1969 Al left Biola to become the host for the Radio Bible Class television production, “Day of Discovery.”  The next 15 years of that relationship led to his role as executive producer/director of the telecast and agency representation for both TV and radio outreach of the Grand Rapids-based ministry in addition to several other programs.  As an outgrowth of sitting under the teaching of Chuck Swindoll at the Fullerton Evangelical Free Church, in 1977 Al facilitated taking Chuck’s sermons and creating a broadcast ultimately called “Insight for Living.”  Two years later, Al urged Dr. James Dobson to consider a daily quarter-hour broadcast for Focus on the Family that began in the early 1980s.  These efforts were the catalyst for a thriving agency serving multiple outstanding communicators over the decades.  With his passing (November 7, 2021), Al’s legacy was celebrated by many as recounted here—and we remain grateful for his imprint on Ambassador.

Al Sanders, Founder of Ambassador

Serving More Gifted Voices to Reach More Ears

After serving with Ambassador for 17 years, Jon Campbell became President in 1989, serving in that role until his death in 2005.  Under Jon’s leadership, Ambassador experienced significant growth in ministry—entering a new age and challenge in Christian media.  These were the growth years for such ministries as Insight for Living, Focus on the Family, and Grace to You with John MacArthur.  And new voices were being welcomed to Ambassador’s representation, voices with far-reaching impact—such as Dennis Rainey (FamilyLife Today); Max Lucado (UpWords); Billy Graham & Franklin Graham (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association); Joni Eareckson Tada (Joni and Friends); Chuck Colson (BreakPoint) Anne Graham Lotz (Daily Light for Daily Living) among many others.

In March 2000, Ambassador completed a three-year process to assist Christian radio broadcasting to move into new technologies made possible by digital satellite delivery—bringing Christian radio delivery into the 21st Century.  In partnership with the technical staff at Focus on the Family, the industry was introduced to Amb-OS in July of 2008—providing automatic program downloading and other technical advances.  It also allowed customizing of local programming without multiple recordings.

Jon Campbell

Looking Forward

Peggy Campbell became President of Ambassador in 2006 providing leadership, in partnership with Jim Sanders, at a time when Christian media is evolving.  With contemporary technology offering more opportunities than ever before to “consume content,” the timeless Message we serve has never been more vital.  We remain ambassadors to that end.

Peggy Campbell


National Religious Broadcasters Awards

The NRB Hall of Fame Award to Al Sanders in 1997
The William Ward Ayer Award to Jon Campbell in 2006
The William Ward Ayer Award to Peggy Campbell in 2012
The Milestone Award to Ambassador for over 50 years in broadcasting in 2013
The Radio Impact Award to Ambassador in 2014

Milestones—the idea of journey, of identifying steps along the way. . .an Ebenezer. . . “thus far has the Lord helped us.”

Who We’ve Worked With

Here you’ll find a list of Kingdom-minded organizations we’ve served in our 50+ year history.  It continues to be a privilege to partner with gifted communicators for far-reaching impact.


  • A New Beginning (Greg Laurie)
  • Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
  • Alliance Defending Freedom
  • America’s Family Coaches (Gary and Barb Rosberg)
  • AnGeL Ministries (Anne Graham Lotz)
  • Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham)
  • Art of Family Living (Howie Hendricks, John Nieder)


  • Baker Book House
  • B &B Media
  • Bethany House Publishers
  • Bible Study Hour (James Boice)
  • Bible Study Time (Lehman Strauss)
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, William Graham)
  • BIOLA University


  • Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ (Stephen Douglass) Bill & Vonette Bright
  • Chapel of the Air (David Mains)
  • Christian Research Institute (Walter Martin, Hank Hanegraaf)
  • Christian Financial Concepts (Larry Burkett)
  • The Church Doctor (Kent Hunter)
  • Church of the Open Door (Ed Underwood)
  • Church on the Way
  • The Colson Center (Chuck Colson, John Stonestreet, Eric Metaxas, Ed Stetzer, Mark Earley)
  • Compassion International (Wess Stafford)
  • Core Christianity (Adriel Sanchez, Bill Maier)
  • Crossway Publishing


  • Dayspring (Rex Bullock)
  • Dave C. Cook Publishing
  • Don Wildmon Report



  • Family Life Seminars (Tim and Bev LaHaye)
  • FamilyLife (Dave & Ann Wilson, Ron Deal) Dennis & Barbara Rainey; Bob Lepine; Crawford Loritts
  • FEBC
  • Fellowship for the Performing Arts (Max McLean)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Focus on the Family (Jim Daly, John Fuller, Lisa Anderson) James Dobson, Bill Maier, Bob Waliszewski
  • Forest Home Christian Camps
  • Fuller Evangelistic Foundation



  • Harvest Publishing House (Emilie Barnes, Elizabeth George)
  • Haven Ministries (Charles Morris)
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • HomeWord (Formerly YouthBuilders)
  • Hope for the Heart (June Hunt)


  • Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)
  • Institute for Creation Research (Henry Morris, Ken Ham)



  • Key Life (Steve Brown)
  • Knofel Station
  • Knowing God


  • Leading the Way (Michael Youssef)
  • Left Behind (Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins)
  • Let God Love You (Lloyd Ogilvie)
  • Life Action Ministries
  • Life Issues Institute (John Willke, Brad Mattes)
  • Life on the Way
  • Ligonier Ministries (R C Sproul)
  • Live: with Coach McCartney
  • Living Way (Jack Hayford)
  • Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers)


  • Making Life Work (Paul Faulkner)
  • Mercy Ships (Don Stephens)
  • Moody Bible Institute
  • MOPS International (Elisa Morgan)
  • Multnomah Publishing
  • Museum of the Bible


  • New Life (Stephen Arterburn)


  • The Open Door with Ed Underwood


  • Parent Talk
  • PowerPoint (Jack Graham)
  • Precept Ministries Intl (Kay Arthur)
  • Prison Fellowship (Angel Tree)



  • Samaritan’s Purse (Franklin Graham)
  • Solid Rock Radio (David Hocking)
  • Sounds of Grace




  • White Horse Inn (Michael Horton)


  • The Urban Alternative (Tony Evans)


  • Voice of Calvary (Jack MacArthur)


  • Waterbrook Publishing
  • Word of Life (Jack Wyrtzen)
  • The Word Today (Paul Schroeder)


  • Vox Pop Live (Al Sanders)


  • Zondervan Publishing