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From organizations getting started in radio to seasoned broadcasters wanting to go deeper – we want to share with you our recommended connections.  

Here are our top picks for resources relevant to the world we work in:

Top 3 from Ambassador

Ambassador Update Newsletter — Monthly print publication highlighting what we’ve enjoyed and what’s on the horizon.
Ambassador A-List — A weekly rundown of updates.
Ambassador Blog – Multiple channels to explore what’s new and relevant to you.

Technically Speaking – A hub for Christian radio engineers. – Search for any radio station by multiple criteria. – Get the latest ratings list by station name, rank, or state.

Media News – News & updates on all things radio. – News on radio management and marketing. – The web’s largest radio and music industry community. – The homepage for Christian radio.

Radio Trade Associations – National Religious Broadcasters, Christian communicators committed to proclaiming the Gospel through every electronic medium available. – National Association of Broadcasters, “the voice” for (mostly) secular broadcasters. – Radio Advertising Bureau, for the promotion and advancement of Radio.

Further Recommendations – Interactive design, marketing, and radio. – A large source for news about religion. – Where for-profit and non-profit markets go to grow. – Media relations experts. – Harnessing the power of social and mobile media for nonprofits. – Statistical data on over 80,000 topics from more than 22,5000 sources.

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