We are unabashedly broadcasters … who want to use every means possible for the most important Message ever delivered!  Which means Ambassador has no head in the sand when it comes to podcasting! 
Our team is highly engaged not only as consumers of podcasts but as growing experts in the use of this alternative/adjunct channel for content.
Keep reading for our own perspective on the industry … and for recommended resources for considering how to best use podcasting for your message.
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Six Tips for Podcasters 

By Jim Sanders 

So … thinking about a podcast?  You and something like 750,000 other organizations (so far—the list grows by about 3,000 a week—not episodes but new podcasts!).  Like you, our eye is on the horizon and, with our shared mission (ministries and stations alike) to utilize technology for the end objective of sharing the greatest news man would ever receive, none of us want to miss out on any way to accomplish that.

The good news is that podcasts are “easy” to produce.  The bad news is that they’re easy to produce—and far too many people do so as a result.  Organizations will logically view it as an inexpensive way to share content and develop new audience.  But, frankly, that someone can do a podcast doesn’t necessarily mean they should. 

Here are a few basics that are, in our view, points to consider carefully before setting the course.

  1. Maintain laser-focus on the content and what a listener would expect to hear; create compelling content that speaks to the needs of your audience—it’s about them not “you”!  Too many corporate podcasts err in talking about the organization (or personality delivering content) rather than focusing on what consumers are interested in and want to hear.
  2. Be fiercely committed to pushing out content every week (or more).  A recent report notes that only 18% of podcasts have generated a new episode in the past three months.  The gap will be filled too easily by one of those new podcasts launched last week (!).
  3. Decide the optimum length of the podcast—it should be just as long as is necessary.  Once you begin “filling for time,” it’s time to do something else!  That “magic” length varies wildly—I subscribe to several podcasts which are a few minutes and several that go for hours each week.  What’s the difference?  My level of interest in the content, of course.
  4. Thoroughly plan for the first 13 weeks or more when launching or risk running out of material very quickly.  We’ve always said that “radio has a voracious appetite”—so does podcasting!
  5. Utilize the best technical quality.  Poor quality makes an implicit statement about the content in both directions; just as in broadcasting, there is competition for the “ears” of every consumer.  Despite the cost-effectiveness and easy accessibility of the forum, don’t compromise on providing top-flight quality in production.
  6. Begin with clarity on how success will be measured.  Particularly as podcasts echo broadcasts, and vice versa, know how you will ascertain impact that is exclusively that of the product.  Think about a window of time to give to the podcast, and set a point at which time the podcaster would determine whether or not it’s worth continuing.

Bottom line … “by any means winning some” is a motivator that makes podcasting at least worth a second, informed, look!

The Podcast Movement Conference convenes in Orlando this month (August 13-16).  If you plan to attend, drop a note to Lee Ann Jackson (Lee@ambaa.com) so she can tote a box of our chocolates and greet you there!

If you’d like a copy of the Conference summary available in September, send a note to Peg@ambaa.com.

Thinking About Launching a Podcast? 

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Comments on Podcasting

“In many ways, podcasting is representative of radio’s resurgence and renaissance. As a consumer and lover of many on-demand shows, I almost can’t believe it – being able to listen to almost anything that suits my fancy – and anytime and anywhere. It’s almost too good to be true.” – Paul Batura / Vice President Communications at Focus on the Family 


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