John MacArthur is unleashing God’s truth, one verse at a time, in a 28:30 weekly television program.  Known as a ministry dedicated to teaching the life-transforming truth of God’s Word, Grace to You addresses the critical issues affecting our culture today from a biblical perspective.

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    John MacArthur’s dedication to strong in-depth Bible teaching through Grace to You is raising up believers who are grounded in Scripture and Truth. They’re committed to unleashing God’s Truth, one verse at a time on every radio program. This Bible teaching ministry is planted on John MacArthur’s commentary and biblical exposition. Learn more at


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    Charley Mefferd

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    In each 28:30 broadcast message, John MacArthur brings to the listener his expert exposition and interpretation of biblical passages, not only to understand the Scripture in its historical and grammatical context, but to grow stronger in the faith.

    Weekend listeners are afforded a distinct variety of 25:00 stand-alone studies that exemplify the same depth and commitment to the Word that’s the hallmark of the daily edition.

    John MacArthur offers snapshots of Biblical Truth in a daily 1:00 feature, accurately communicating God’s Word with grace, substance and practical application to life.

    John MacArthur draws on more than forty years of studying and teaching God’s Word to answer the most frequently asked questions people have about the Bible, theology, and the Christian life. The 2:00 daily feature …