By: Katie Burke June 17, 2019

Don’t you just love the word “Friday”?  Or the phrase, “First Day of Summer”?  If you’ve started to think of free time, sun, and popsicles – I’m right there with you!  And this year, those two things collide on Friday, June 21.  I hope you celebrate with a special trip to the frozen treats section of your favorite grocery store.  I also hope you plan to take some time to think about how you’ll spend your precious summer hours – both personally, and with your listeners!  Focus on the Family wants to help you with those plans, starting with special programming to help families thrive in the coming months.

Here are a few upcoming highlights of the Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast:

• June 19-20:  “Grasping the Power of Forgiveness” with Al and Lisa Robertson
• June 27-28:  “Raising Boys to Be Godly Young Men” with Dr. Meg Meeker
• July 8:  “Responding Well in Marital Conflict” with Leslie Vernick
• July 16-17:  “Understanding Your Triggers for More Peaceful Parenting” with Amber Lia and Wendy Speake
• July 25-26:  “Rising to the Challenge of Parenting” with Dr. David Clarke

Also from Focus on the Family, you can help your listeners circle the globe with the “World Explorers” adventure kit!  Families will “travel” our colorful, diverse world, visiting different countries on six continents.  Part of the fun will be figuring out where the next stop is, using five clues that reveal interesting facts about the next country.  Download web banners and link to this website.

The month of June also reminds me of how much has already happened since we rang in the New Year.  More specifically, how much content hours I’ve consumed – and what programs are “top of mind” when recalling a great broadcast.  Focus on the Family keeps track of this, too – and you may enjoy taking a look here to what may be your listeners’ favorites! 

Top 5 Broadcasts So Far for 2019:

  1. Seeing the Value of Every Person with Mrs. Emily Colson
  2. Protecting Babies at Every Stage of Life with Senator Ben Sasse
  3. My Journey to Salvation I-II with Mr. Adolph Coors IV
  4. Living Well After Middle Age I-II with Mr. Ken Davis
  5. Saving Your Marriage From Divorce I-II with Dr. David Clarke

Thank you for your partnership in bringing these great broadcasts to radio!  May you have a great start to your summer . . . starting this Friday!

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