By: Katie Burke March 19, 2020

Please find a list from Focus on the Family of ways you can help your listeners #ThriveAtHome during the Covid-19 Crisis.


With the latest coronavirus protocols being enforced across our nation, many Americans are finding themselves in unique situations that they’ve never had to deal with. Due to restrictions intended to flatten the curve of coronavirus, more than 30 million students and families across the country are staying home from work and school for the next few weeks, and possibly longer.

While this can bring on many challenges, Focus on the Family wants to help alleviate as many of those challenges for you as possible and be a valuable resource for you and your family during this time.

Here are some sample topics and questions Focus can dive into:

Focus on the Family’s Vice President of Marriage, Greg Smalley and wife, Erin Smalley, can discuss the various challenges that can arise in couples during this time and how to manage them- given that most couples do not usually spend every moment of every day in the same house together.

  • What are some marriage strengthening activities couples can do during quarantine?
  • What do you do when one or both of you are starting to get cabin fever?
  • How do you handle arguments that may arise while the kids are also home with you?

Danny Huerta, Vice President of Parenting and Youth, can help prepare parents on talking to their children about the Coronavirus and quarantine

  • How much should you tell your kids about what is going on?
  • What should you tell your kids about how to react to what is going on?
  • How can parents utilize the Conversation Starter App during quarantine?

Julie Batura, wife of Paul Batura and mother of 3 homeschooled children, can discuss practical ways parents can encourage the continuation of learning during this time of quarantine. For so many parents across the nation right now, they have never homeschooled their children before and knowing where to start can be daunting.

  • Where do I start in homeschooling my child?
  • What materials will I need?
  • How do I manage my work and homeschooling?

And for when your child needs a break from schoolwork, Plugged In’s Adam Holz can offer some family-friendly movies to watch with your kids.

Host of The Boundless Show, Lisa Anderson, is here to answer all of your questions regarding millennials in this time of confusion.

  • How should millennials best steward their time right now? How can they put order, structure and accountability into their days? How can they prioritize meaningful activities and ensure interaction with others?
  • How do singles/millennials with roommates navigate having to work from home together?
  • What is Boundless doing right now to encourage millennials?
  • How can people reach out to their single friends and be an encouragement?

If you would like to interview any of our spokespeople for the topics listed above, please contact Savannah Light at and include the date, time and topic of your requested interview.


  • Focus on the Family
    March 19
    Responding to Coronavirus with Faith and Common Sense:  This edition is a special broadcast about the coronavirus, featuring Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.  Dr. Collins will share the facts about COVID-19 and talk about understanding this crisis from a perspective of faith, not fear.  [Contact for permission to use after March 19.]
  • Focus on the Family Weekend
    March 21-22
    Above program repeated this weekend.
  • Plugged In
    Starting week of March 23
    Of course, movie production has slowed to a stop.  There’s nothing new in theaters so beginning next week, so the recorded Plugged In Movie Review feature will feature streamed movies.
  • The Boundless Show
    March 21-22
    With spread of the COVID-19 virus, we’re seeing both the worst and the best in people.  As Christians, it’s an opportunity for us to exercise caution and wisdom, but also community, care and an unswerving hope in our God.  How do we do that practically?  Lisa Anderson chats with counselor Geremy Keeton about how we can address our fears, reach out to others, and glorify God at a time when His guidance and grace is so desperately needed.


  • Text the word “trust” to 72000 for a video message from Jim Daly and an invitation to see & share timely resources.
  • Family Time Resources for the Coronavirus (resource page)
  • What to watch with your family when you’re at home (Plugged In article)
  • Free 1-month trial of the Odyssey Adventure Club (audio membership)
  • Boundless Quarantine Challenge for Young Adults (social media)
  • Jim Daly:  Thoughts on the Coronavirus Outbreak (article)
  • Keeping Your Kids Healthy Year Round (article)
  • Talking with Kids about Coronavirus (article)
  • Jim Daly’s Fox News Article (article)

Please let us know in the days and weeks to come how Focus on the Family serve your listening family as we navigate these unprecedented days together.

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