It was a privilege to be with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and the Revive Our Hearts team at the recent NRB Convention in Nashville.  While there, Nancy met with station partners and shared what the Lord has placed on her heart and what she’s asking women to do this year.

Nancy shares  . . .

“You don’t have to look far to know our world is in trouble. Just read the headlines, and you’ll see endless accounts of violence, perversion, breakdown of families, and people mocking things of the Lord. We can feel helpless and impotent in the face of such overwhelming issues. But I believe there is at least one thing we as women can do that really can make a significant difference.

More than 2,500 years ago, the prophet Jeremiah called for “the mourning women to come” (Jer. 9:17). In that time of darkness, where God’s people had come to justify and embrace evil, Jeremiah begged them to repent of their sin, to mourn, and to cry out to the Lord for mercy.

I believe we’re called to do the same today. That’s why throughout the coming year, Revive Our Hearts is calling women to cry out to the Lord in fervent prayer for our nation and our world. It’s our desire that women, both individually and in groups, will join together in asking God to intervene in our culture for His glory.

As part of this call, we’re asking women to gather together in September to pray at Cry Out! True Woman ’16. It’s our hope that thousands of women will come together in Indianapolis, with hundreds of thousands more joining in via LIVE stream.

As believers, we’ve been chosen to be God’s instruments in this dark and perverse culture. Would you join us this year in crying out to God for mercy-for yourself, your families, your community, and your nation? May God turn the hearts of His people and then turn the heart of the world to Him, for He is our only hope.”

Seeking Him with you,


“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears.” – Psalm 34:17