As the highly visible, highly regarded business leader of a global brand, Barry Meguiar’s daily 1:00 on evangelism is unusually credible.  He speaks from a lifetime of holding the sharing of his faith above everything else and enjoying the favor of God as a result.


In addition to the daily 1:00 feature, get :15 and :30 prompts (or scripts to voice yourself!) to challenge daily action for your listeners!  Email Rebecca Richardson to learn more.

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Ignite with Barry Meguiar takes the Gospel into the marketplace. His background as a successful businessman gives him the experience and the platform to encourage the body of Christ to reach the world. He is equipping the saints for the work of ministry.” —Doug Martin, General Manager, Good News Radio

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    Barry Meguiar


    Revival Outside the Walls exists to equip and inspire lay Christians for evangelism.  Founded by Barry Meguiar, the ministry energizes believers by matching shocking statistics about the life of Christians and the health of the church with the tools and challenge to live full out as a follower of Jesus.  Learn more at


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