By: Lee Ann Jackson July 23, 2018

A friend of mine is retiring after 40 years as a Labor and delivery nurse.  What’s been the best part of her job?  Without hesitation, she said the best part has been being able to pray for each baby.   In fact, in her four decades of delivering babies, she told me that not one time was her offer to pray for a newborn declined.

She’s also prayed for the moms and has even kept in touch with several throughout the years.  And, no surprise, she’s committed to continue praying long after she’s retired.

Though you and I may not have the privilege to pray for newborn babies and their moms in the delivery room, these are pivotal times to be in prayer for the protection of life.

As Brad Mattes and the Life Issues Institute has shared with listeners on the daily radio commentary “Life Issues,” an area of specific prayer is the Protect Life Rule.  The Rule would redirect Title X tax dollars from abortion organizations to community health centers that do not promote or provide abortion.  As Brad has shared,

The Protect Life Rule could defund Planned Parenthood of as much as $60 million of our tax dollars each year! The period for submitting public comments to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ends at the end of this month – July 31st. So, please submit your comment in favor of the Protect Life Rule today!

The Life Issues Institute has everything your listeners need to know about the Protect Life Rule on their website.

Contact me, for details about the Protect Life Rule and to schedule an interview with Brad.  Not airing the daily 1:00 commentary, “Life Issues” yet? Reach out to me and we’ll add your station to the growing network of stations sharing these important messages daily!

Thank you for your continued dedication, and prayers, for life!




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