Do you want to start 2016 with more energy and excitement for what God will do in Christian radio? We do too, and Focus on the Family has five ways to welcome a fresh perspective all year-long!

1. Celebrate 130,000 Marriages Saved in 2015
From helping save 130,000 marriages to building homes for martyred Christians abroad and assisting 247 families start the process of adoption from foster care in the U.S., Focus on the Family spent 2015 practically living out the Christian faith. And you were a part of that! Focus on the Family President Jim Daly says:

“‘Helping Families Thrive’ is much more than just a motto to us. It’s a calling. Every day, nearly 800 men and women come to work with the sole purpose of putting their faith into action by helping individuals, marriages and families around the world reach their God-given purpose and potential.” Read more

2. Audition Focus on the Family Programs
What programming changes are you making 2016? In addition to the Focus on the Family daily broadcast, check out a number of other popular programs heard on stations around the country each day:

Focus on the Family Weekend (marriage/family) – weekly 27:30 or 55:00

Plugged In (entertainment) – daily 1:00

The Boundless Show (singles/young adults) – weekly 26:00

Radio Theatre (drama) – weekly 28:00

Focus on the Family Minute (marriage/family) – daily 1:00

Adventures in Odyssey (children’s drama) – daily 25:30 and weekly 25:30

3. Bring More Love to Listeners This Valentine’s Day
Focus on the Family wants to help churches celebrate marriage this Valentine’s day — and the Honoring Marriage 2016 event is a practical way to do just that! Check out what’s involved, and contact for station promotional opportunities.

4. Get Ready for Election Conversations
Is it too early to be able to tell who will be the best pro-family presidential candidate? Jim Daly says, “The next president must adopt policies that will strengthen, not weaken, this God-given institution.” Check out the first ever major pro-life conference for evangelicals and then read more of Jim Daly’s thoughts on the presidential election

5. Stay in the Loop
Each week Ambassador produces an e-newsletter called the “Focus Forward” — a weekly guide for Christian radio from Focus on the Family. If you’re not already subscribed, you can do that here

From saving marriages to strengthening families and beyond, Focus on the Family is grateful for radio station partners who faithfully help families thrive.

Every blessing to you in the New Year to come,

Katie Burke
Ambassador Advertising Agency: We Connect. Ministry and Media.

P.S. As a reminder of the great impact Christian radio continues to have, please read this listener comment to the Focus on the Family broadcast with guest Tiffany Lee (Plumb) titled, “God Used Our Friends and Family to Save Our Marriage”:

God used the broadcast with Plumb to speak to Julie. She finds her story mirroring what the Lee’s went through. Julie said her husband left and that she wants to save her marriage. It is always good to hear how God uses the broadcasts to minister to people. She needed hope. She said that she has been a mediocre Christian and that God has been using this circumstance to draw her and family closer to Himself.