By: Katie Burke October 29, 2018

A friend posted a photo of a stack of election-driven mail. I could hear his fatigue in the caption that said, “None of these candidates seem to speak for the trees. This is from only a few day’s mail. Please stop stuffing my mailbox.” I couldn’t help but agree with the sentiment – I am tired of the swirl of messages all wanting to persuade my vote.  I have to counsel myself to not lose hope, to pay attention to the issues, and to pray.

Are your listeners tired, angry, or confused about the upcoming election? Jim Daly offers this prayer:

“Father in Heaven — Help us remember that, as Your peculiar people, we Christians have always been strangers and sojourners on the earth. Remind us that it is not our job to direct the destinies of nations, but simply to shine for You, reflect Your image, and bloom for Christ wherever You choose to plant us.”

Help your listeners shine for God, reflect His image, and bloom for Christ when they go to the polls this coming Election Day, November 6. Here are three easy ways:

  1. Free Family Activity
    “Your Family’s Election Activity Kit” is designed to prepare every member of the family to be “the best of citizens.” Tell moms and dads this guide has fun, easy-to-use tools and teachable concepts for all ages that help them bring home the importance of informed voting and engaged citizenship.
    Find the web banner & link on this page >>
  2. Voter Guides
    Many Christians are looking for guidance and insight as they consider their choices. Encourage voters to get their state-specific Voter Guide at Check out the guides, and other resources at the site >>
  3. Radio PSAs
    Why is it so important that we vote? What does the Bible say? How do you explain the value of elections to your kids? These questions and more addressed in 8 radio PSAs from Focus on the Family. Download & air >>

Thank you for joining Focus on the Family in helping people have a voice of grace, peace, and truth in the midst of a confusing time.

“…do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass.”


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