By: Haley Jessup October 16, 2017

There’s no doubt that it’s easier to look at what the Lord has done (both good and bad) in our past, than it is to remain hopeful and expectant for what’s ahead—that which we cannot yet see.

Especially amidst a season that has us weary or discouraged, we can be quick to think that things will never be what they used to be, and slow to have faith in what God has prepared for our future.

This Christmas, Pastor Carter invites your listeners to live anew and afresh with his new 26:00 special, A Brand New Christmas!

Encouraging us from the promises of Scripture, Pastor Carter reminds us that we must not limit God to the past, but rather focus on the “new” that lies before us.

God is willing to come to us in the failing of our humanity. He is willing to break strongholds, reroute our paths, and overflow our cups with His blessings (Psalm 23:5). He is going to do something brand new (Isaiah 43:19), and the question is … will we partake in His glorious plans for our lives, or will we miss it?

Pastor Carter asks:

“Will you join me in searching for a brand new understanding of how God has visited us, who He is, and what He’s willing to do?”


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