By: Haley Jessup July 2, 2018

This year, The Africa Mercy brought healing and transformation to the country of Cameroon for the first time.

While there, offsite locations were expanded to increase capacity. And Mercy Ships placed an even bigger emphasis on training local, medical professionals … which means that the crew is transforming lives long after they sail away.

From August 2017 to June 2018, here’s what Mercy Ships accomplished in Cameroon:

  • Surgical Patients Screened: 36,058
  • Surgeries: 2,746
  • Dental Patients 10,780
  • Medical Capacity Building Course Participants: 1,475
  • Medical Capacity Building Mentoring Participants: 89

As you’ll see here, Mercy Ships not only cares about physical healing, but spiritual and emotional restoration as well.

There’s nothing quite like the smile of a child who’s experienced hope for the very first time.

We’re so grateful for the role you play in helping Mercy Ships make a lasting impact for generations to come. Thank you for joining in prayer as the ship prepares to embark on its next journey: Conakry, Guinea this August!


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