By: Haley Jessup November 10, 2017

It’s no doubt that these are tumultuous times in which we live in.

From Las Vegas to Sutherland Springs, it’s absolutely heartbreaking to keep up with the news these days.

Our world is marked by hatred, violence, and division, and—as 2018 draws near— it’s clear that we don’t just need a happy new year, but a happy new place.

Pastor Carter Conlon reminds of just that in his timely new special, Happy New Place!

It’s a 25:00 program for the New Year that reminds us to open our hearts and fight for a higher cost, releasing everything for the sake of Christ and His work here on earth.

Pastor Carter shares:

“These times demand something more than just casual religion—it demands a radical obedience to the call of God on your life!”  

The truth is that though the world is marked by strife, a happy new place often starts from within. And if we’ve built a foundation that is leaving us short of the calling of God, are we willing to have it taken out from underneath us and renewed?


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