By: Haley Jessup October 9, 2017

Can you imagine being just three years old and not having hope for the future?

This was Maurinho’s experience.

Just three years after his birth, his legs began to bow. Not only was he unable to walk without feeling immense pain, but he wasn’t able to do the two things he loved most—go to school and play football.

His parents took him to a local hospital where he was given a cast for his legs, but the efforts went nowhere and the hopelessness only deepened.

Years later, Maurinho’s father heard that Mercy Ships was docked in Benin, and that was the end for his bowed legs. His mother shared:

“His father took him to be examined, and we saw God’s grace.”

When she went into his room onboard to wake him up, Maurinho exclaimed, “Mama, my legs are straight!”

For the remainder of his time onboard recovering, Maurinho had walker races with the other patients, and he’s now a strong, competitive six-year-old.

I am so thankful to Mercy Ships for not only aiding physically, but for renewing hope and creating a brand new future—for Maurinho and the many others whose lives are transformed by the mercy and care of the Mercy Ships staff.

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