By: Lee Ann Jackson March 8, 2020

It was a typical Saturday morning at our house . . . the kids and I running in all different directions.  My youngest, having just received her driver’s license, has been driving herself around town a little more and more.  She’d gone to do some volunteer work at a local school earlier in the morning and I was about to leave the house when she called,

Mom, are you home?  Can you come help me?

My heart skipped a beat.  She quickly told me though that she was OK.  The problem was that although she’d parked far away from the school, when she returned to her car, she’d been boxed in by the cars in front and behind her.  She was in a tight spot and given her lack of experience,  she needed me to get her out of it.

When I arrived, I saw that indeed she was in a tight spot.  Thankfully, after a few minutes of effort, I was able to navigate her car out of the spot.

The rest of the day, though, I couldn’t help but think about the tight spot she’d found herself in and how she needed me to come help her out of it. It made me think of the “tight spots” we often find ourselves in and how our Heavenly Father invites us to go to Him for help.

Sometimes, the tight spots are minor  . . . like a boxed in car, other times, though, they’re significant, very significant. Recently, the news covered a story about an abandoned newborn that had been found in a bathroom stall.   The story is still unfolding but whatever the circumstances surrounding the mother’s decision to leave her newborn in a bathroom stall, the result was the tragic loss of a life.

More than ever, we cannot underscore enough the value of life – all life.

As Brad Mattes, host of “Life Issues,” shared in an interview at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention recently,

Be involved and be one of those who when asked by other generations, what did you do to protect the babies . . .  you can say you did all you could.

Life Issues Institute is dedicated to changing hearts and minds of millions of people through education —with the goal of restoring a culture that values human life, both young and old, born and unborn.  Contact me at to add the daily 1:00 rdio commentary, “Life Issues” to your line-up!



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