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“A Word With You” by Ron Hutchcraft is a 4 1/2 minute inspirational program with captivating illustrations and Biblical insights for daily life. Christians are challenged to a deeper Biblical faith and those without Christ are introduced to Him using non-religious terms. Listeners are encouraged to unleash their relationship with God, rise above the hard times, deepen relationships with those they love, conquer their dark side, and live as a “make-a-difference” person.

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We love Ron’s great storytelling combined with a powerful point!! We have early morning listeners who really enjoy hearing it as they are doing paper routes, caring for farm animals, starting their morning commute, etc… and those who are finishing up a night shift and heading home. We even have listeners who write asking for a transcript or how they can share what Ron said that day with a friend. It’s great!!

— Carolyn Simmons, Program Director of KROA-FM

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    “A Word With You®” is a broadcast outreach of Hutchcraft Ministries whose core objective is to “bring the lost to the cross.” In addition to radio, Hutchcraft Ministries includes “On Eagles’ Wings®” (which is dedicated to bringing the hope of Christ to Native America), the “A Life that Matters” 13-week Bible study series, the “Go M.A.D. with Doug & Brad” podcast, and the new “Your Hope Story®” free six video small group curriculum to equip everyday believers to share the Gospel.

    One Family, One Heart, One Mission
    (An Introduction to Hutchcraft Ministries)


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    Charley Mefferd

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