By: Lee Ann Jackson December 9, 2019

This is a record for me.  The house is all decorated for Christmas, including the tree, and it’s barely the beginning of December.

I was determined to get it done so I could actually enjoy the decorations before it’s time to store them away again for another year.

Through the years, I’ve been given great additions to my Christmas collections – I have a snowman table, a Santa corner and even a Christmas Charlie Brown collection.

I enjoy all the different collections, though I have to say that there is one display in particular my heart gravitates towards more and more with every passing year.

The Nativity scene.

The nativity serves as a visual reminder of what Christmas is, and isn’t, about.   The truth is, between the decorating, shopping and other holiday activities, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important at Christmas.

That’s why my heart resonated with the message Anne Graham Lotz shares in a “Daily Light for Daily Living” radio program.  In this particular feature, Anne shares candidly that there are moments when she just isn’t in the mood for Christmas.

In fact, she admits to being burned out at Christmas.  What she did after admitting this totally transformed her attitude.

She asked Jesus, as the King, what He would like for His birthday . . .

He whispers something in my heart that I can do for Him.  It’s always something that is sacrificial in nature, but more than any other single factor, it’s what adds sparkle to my Christmas.  Think about it.  Matthew 2:11 says The Wise Men opened their treasures and presented Him with gifts.  What gift will you present the King this year for His birthday?

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