Al Sanders | 1927-2021

We are rejoicing that heaven has welcomed home Al Sanders, faithful servant of Christ for his 94 years.

His life was dedicated to Christian service, founding Ambassador in 1959 to support Christian radio.  His legacy impacted thousands upon thousands as the one who introduced listeners to communicators such as Chuck Swindoll, Joni Eareckson Tada, Chuck Colson, Max Lucado and many others—his voice familiar as he also hosted many of the broadcasts.

A graduate of Biola, he spent 17 years there involved in the outreach of “The Biola Hour” and leading public relations efforts.  He transitioned to host and produce the new telecast “Day of Discovery” in 1969–work he loved dearly.  His involvement in the efforts of Christian communication (including many years in leadership for the NRB) was unfailing up to his final days on earth.

From the beginning, integrity was a hallmark of the agency—named for 2 Corinthians 5:20.  Al’s commitment to pay every media bill, whether or not the client had yet paid the agency, created a deep trust and respect in relationships within the “industry” of Christian radio.

Al was ever creative, humorous, generous, attentive, compassionate, and always unswerving in his spiritual commitment.  Though he’d be quick to deflect such a compliment, he was a gifted Bible teacher whose study—and special brand of humor—was always evident in each message whether for Ambassador staff devotions or from the pulpit.  In later years he was a regular teacher of the “Closer Walk” group at Fullerton Evangelical Free Church, a richly rewarding experience for both Al and Margaret.  His inspiration is evident in a book he authored some years ago—I’m Trying to Number My Days But I Keep Losing Count.

The significance of all that, however, is superseded by his unending dedication as husband to Margaret for 73 years, as dad to Peggy, Sharon and Jim, as grandfather to Heather, Jimmy, Katie, Ben, Kristine and Kim, and as great-grandfather to Rachel and Josiah, Abby, Emmy and Stephen.

Of the many, many hymns that filled their home—Margaret at the piano every day, Al naming hymn title and composer … this he wanted sung at his memorial:

“When this poor, lisping, stam’ring tongue lies silent in the grave,
then in a nobler, sweeter tongue I’ll sing His power to save.”  

Singing sweetly now!

90th Birthday Tribute

Teaching on Psalm 23

70th Anniversary Tribute

A Celebration of Al’s Life

It was a special joy to gather on December 5 (2021) at Calvary Chapel on the Biola University campus to celebrate Al’s homegoing at the school where life began for Al & Margaret and which has remained a beloved institution for them.

We invite you to view the video of that service with remarks from Biola President Barry Corey, Joni Eareckson Tada, Dennis Rainey and others … and be encouraged in faithful Kingdom service as was Al’s lifelong commitment.

A note from Margaret Sanders . . .

I would like to add a very large thank you to those who have responded to my sweet husband’s Homegoing.  How he longed for that moment!  Your words of affirmation of his life are more than one could imagine.  I’m so grateful for the Lord giving us 73 years together, loving and serving Him together.  I’m thankful for the consistent life he lived at home as well as in public.  I have long said the Lord left us here these “extra” years to pray for our children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren…and more.  That, I will continue to do and thank Him that though I may be “sorrowful, yet I will rejoice,” because there is so much for which to be thankful!

We would love to share Al’s prayer method with you …

Over the years, Al (and Margaret) cultivated the habit of praying “alphabetically” for the many names on their petition list. We decided to share that idea with others and created an “Alphabetical Prayer Journal” that was given to all at the memorial service—and which we are happy to share on request.

Share your memories and condolences . . .

What did Al Sanders mean to you?  We invite you to share your stories and remembrances or express your condolences to the family in the space below.

What Stations are Saying
  • Katie Burke

    2 Corinthians 5:20 . . . “We are Ambassadors for Christ” . . . a legacy we share with Al!

    • Lois Cook Gillern

      Al was a very dear friend of my father, Dr. Robert Cook. They knew each other throughout the years and worked together at NRB. I know Al best for producing and voicing “The Lord’s Boy” that was shown at NRB as a tribute to my father. Al was a steady and faithful voice for our Lord and left behind him a legacy of service. I send condolences from my family and all at Walk With The King.

    • Phil Ross

      Al is a teacher. I learned so many things from his guidance and his example. Al is an example of what a Christian gentleman ought to be like – humble, kind, generous, self-controlled, wise, well-spoken and fun!

  • Noel Tran

    “I love when Grandpa Al tells me stories of Jesus.” – Devin (7)

    “I like it when it was Al’s birthday and we got delicious dessert.” Ethan (3)

    • Dan Goss

      I have fond memories of Al when I recorded him by phone and in person for KTLW.
      A real warm, arm around the shoulder type of guy. A prince of a man if you will. Glad he’s with Jesus.

  • Michelle Blood

    Al was the spiritual father I never knew I needed. His devotional teachings in the Psalms are the most treasured in my heart.

    • Dan Goss

      I have fond memories of Al recording him by phone and in person for KTLW.
      A real warm, arm around the shoulder type of guy. A prince of a man if you will. Rejoicing he’s home with Jesus.

  • Chris Daniel

    Christian radio has benefited so much as a result of Al Sanders’ gifts and talents that he shared with passion. I thank God for him and for the blessing Ambassador is daily to the Christian radio community.

  • Rita Medall

    I’m so very saddened to learn of Al’s passing. He was one person I watched and admired his Christian walk and how it was a testimony to Christ. In Christian media Al set the standard for excellence in content and presentation. But Al also set the standard for how to treat one another, show interest and compassion. In 1990 when my father was dying of cancer, Al/Ambassador sent him flowers. After my dad passed, Al made a point to give me words of comfort. Every time I saw Al he would ask about my husband saying something like. “How’s Burt? What animation project is he working on?”

    I remember, more than once, Al dropping by our Living Way Ministries offices with white chocolate peanut clusters AND white chocolate dipped strawberries! What a nice treat fir our office.
    I have always said Ambassador is the
    “crème de la crème”
    of Christian organizations.
    That is because Al was the
    “crème de la crème” of leaders/founders… and his Christian walk overflowed and poured over every one he came in contact with.
    I’m a better person because of observing the life of Al Sanders.
    Rita Medall


    We are so grateful for his faithfulness, legacy, and ministry. We’re praying for his family and for you. Matthew 25:23

  • Jennifer Perez

    A great blessing of my life to have known Al and to witness his care and concern for everyone, me and my family included. He had a long prayer list! I’ll miss his voice, laugh, and the precious times we had with him leading our staff devotions.

  • Greg Fast

    A life and legacy well lived. Thank you for your lasting contribution to mankind and the Kingdom.

  • Dave

    I was a college student in San Diego wanting to get into Christian Broadcasting and Al took the time to spend about an hour with me at his home, back in the days when he worked there. He was gracious and gave me several good ideas to pursue and some names to contact.

    25 plus years later I looked back on a successful radio career as a broadcaster, ops manager, and other roles at several major Christian broadcast companies. Thank you, Al, for the encouragement to pursue my dream and for allowing God to use you in so many lives.

  • Mel Howell

    I first heard of Al as a high school student. My journalism teacher used to play the Biola Hour on radio sometimes when we were working on yearbook projects outside of school hours. She knew Al and talked about what a wonderful man he was and what a great school Biola was which in part led me there for many years of education. I knew Al and Margaret through our shared years at the Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton and both were always so encouraging to me as a young pastor. Many years later, I was in South Carolina at the hospital bedside of my “spiritual dad” who was dying of cancer. When I drove home near midnight to his empty home, crying as I drove, I turned the radio on and was surprised to hear Al’s voice. I don’t remember what he was talking about but his familiar voice, his words, and my knowledge of him was so comforting–it was a balm in a lonely and sad place and I’ll never forget how the Lord used him that night to comfort and encourage me.

  • Wayne Shepherd

    Al leaves an outstanding spiritual legacy of service to Christ. I so enjoyed talking with him about his early days in radio at WMBI in Chicago and all the experiences that followed. His example of excellence in broadcasting has inspired many– including me– and for that I am extremely thankful.

  • Roger Kemp

    It’s hard to imagine the world of Christian broadcasting without Al Sanders. For so many of us, he was our mentor, inspiration, leader and friend. There’s a not a day that passes when I don’t employ something I learned from Al. And I will miss his quippy emails and fun-filled encouragement.

    Few will measure up to Al’s creativity, integrity, tireless work ethic, and professional flair … but it gives me comfort to know that many of my colleagues are inspired to “go and do likewise.”

  • Michael Shelley

    I’ve only met Al a few times but I will always treasure his book, “I’m Trying to Number My Days But I Keep Losing Count!” Thank you Al for your wit and wisdom!

  • Doug Moore

    What a gem. It was an honor to have met him. He had a long wait to get HOME – we’re happy for him, and our prayers go out for the endurance of his ministries and family. My dad would point him out at NRBs, and mention what a special guy he was. He’s more alive than we are now – and we carry on, with the Lord’s enablement. 🙂

  • Terry Cowan

    Al was a good friend and we enjoyed the days that he and Margaret lived in Sunriver. From time to time we had lunch at the Pine Tavern in Bend. I don’t want to cast any aspiration on Al’s character so let me quickly clarify The Pine Tavern is a restaurant along the Deschutes River! And if you never had any of his white chocolate you haven’t really lived!
    Thank you Al for all you have done for the kingdom through Christian Radio.
    Terry Cowan, GM KNLR Bend, OR

  • Bob Lepine

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the many ways my years in Christian Radio were shaped by Al. I can listen back to my early attempts at doing program opens and closes and I can hear myself trying to imitate Al. His hosting of New Standard For Living and the transition to Insight For Living were the gold standard for how to engage with listeners. For the first few years that FamilyLIfe Today was on the air, Al provided us with a written critique of each program. His coaching played a huge role in helping FamilyLife Today become more listenable and relatable. I cringe today when I hear recordings of our first programs. Al’s mentoring was a huge factor in helping us grow as broadcasters. His encouragement and affirmation of our work was so significant. He was truly a Barnabas for so many of us – a son of encouragement! We miss him already.

  • Brad Mattes

    They say that when an old person dies it’s like a library burning down. Al offered much more wisdom than what can be found in a library. He took his faith seriously and shared his wisdom of the Bible at every opportunity. His legacy to be an “Ambassador for Christ” often came to mind and one that I quietly adopted myself. Al was such a joy to be around. I cherished his quirky sense of humor and have delighted in seeing it reflected in Jim. He will be sorely missed, but I can’t help but smile to think that he has received the crown and now stands in the presence of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. It thrills the heart to contemplate! My condolences to the family and everyone that Al has touched and prayed for. I loved that wonderful old man.

  • Wayne Taylor

    Though I never personally became acquainted with Al Sanders, his legacy lives on through the powerful Christian radio imprint he has made through his innovation, hard work, and love for the Word of God. We in Christian media can all say, in heart felt harmony, “Thank you Lord, for Al Sanders, his broadcasting of the gospel continues and dwells in the hearts of those who hear.

  • Bill & Deborah Blount

    It was my early years at NRB, that I met Al Sanders. I had a tape recorder with me, so I decided to do a quick interview with him. (I was nervous because he was such an important Christian broadcaster!) I remember, I asked, how do you know what to say introducing a program or closing a program? He said, when I listen, I am moved or learn something that I want to highlight in my comments. He allowed the program to minister to him before any radio listeners had heard it.

    Al has been a true treasure in Christian media. He influenced so many over the years to improve quality and content. The Lord was truly gracious to allow him to impact so many of us.

    What rejoicing there was in heaven when he was greeted by his Savior and so many he impacted that had gone to eternity before him.

    He was loved!

    • Carolyn Ball

      We’ll said, Bill. You know my Dad was front and center in that welcoming throng. Those two … peas in a pod! I can still hear their laughter, how it filled the house! There certainly was such laughter ringing through heaven at that reunion. What a joyful noise!

  • Art Black

    I had the undeserved privilege and distinct joy to be mentored by THE consummate christian radio professional Al Sanders, first when I managed the Biola Hour and then in launching Solid Rock Radio to a national audience. Some years later, the last ten years of my career were enriched when I joined the team at AAA. The Founder by then had retired but his fingerprints and integrity were everywhere to be seen . . . and by all who knew him personally, were felt! Al still was “around”, providing a sense of organizational stability and spiritual continuity when he would lead Staff Devotions or simply stick his head in my office with words of encouragement. The epitome of a true Christian gentle-man . . . Al Sanders!

  • Joni and Ken Tada

    … I wish everyone on this page could join around Margaret’s piano so we could raise our harmony to heaven, singing “Face to Face with Christ My Savior!” Al is already there in the presence of the Risen Christ… can you imagine?! Oh, how I will miss our dear friend Al… but it ratchets my heart up several big notches, just thinking of heaven on the horizon for us all. I think Al may well be there at the Gate to welcome us in. From all of us at “Joni and Friends” Radio, including Rainey Floreen, Catherine Cobb and the rest of the team here in Agoura… we celebrate the life of Al Sanders! Our prayers are heartfelt sympathy pour out to all of you down in Irvine!

  • Allen Power

    How many people are credited with literally creating a broadcast genre/format? You could count them on one hand and Al Sanders would be there. What a legacy! What an inspiration! What a consummate pro! What a model of integrity! And greatest of all, those gifts and his character were dedicated to being an “ambassador” for the gospel. We are all richer because of Al’s impact on Christian broadcasting, the wonderful organization he founded, and the wonderful leaders he raised to run it. Praying God’s peace for the Sanders family and all of Ambassador.

    Allen Power

  • Henry W. Hoot

    I only met Al a few times, mostly at the NRB, but every time we talked he treated me like a good friend. And I remember Christian radio in the 1970’s, a lot of excellent Sunday ministries, but nationally Monday through Friday it was only “Back to the Bible” and “The Haven of Rest.” Al,
    joined by Peggy and Jon, and later joined by others changed all that. They found gifted men and women of God, and with their own unique gifts changed the face of broadcast ministry forever. Al is now meeting people in heaven he never knew, never met until now, who are there because of his ministry. Thank you Al,” well done good and faithful servant”, and thank you to everyone on the Ambassador team for continuing what Al started.

  • Jim Schneider

    I met Al early in my broadcasting career in the early 80’s and considered him a “giant” in the area of Christian broadcasting. He was a true inspiration interested in glorifying God and seeing many reached with the Gospel. An encourager and a very gifted communicator using the talents and abilities God gave him to truly serve the Lord. Though missed in this life, it gives us joy knowing he is with the Savior!

    • Sue Bradshaw

      One of the highlights of my life and that of my late husband, Dr. Douglas Bradshaw, was the friendship we had with Al Sanders, Margeret and his wonderful. We first met at Mt. Herman in California when he emceed the Biola Hour. Our 4 children and their 3 became good friends. We shared visits in each other’s homes and subsequently all 4 of our children went to Biola. My prayers are with Margeret and the whole family.

  • Carl J. Auel

    Al set the standard for quality Christian Broadcasting ministry.

  • Dick Becvar

    It was while working with Northwestern Radio and SkyLight in the early to mid-eighties that I first met Al, Margaret, Peggy, Jon, Jim and the rest of the Ambassador family. Al had developed a concept for a live radio magazine format program, Vox Pop, that we were honored to syndicate via satellite.
    From those early broadcasts and continuing until today with other programs it was obvious to all how much he enjoyed presenting The Good News of The Gospel of Christ in his own unique, engaging and winsome manner. Just the soothing sound of his rich, highly articulate voice echoed Biblical wisdom and made one want to “tune in and listen on”. As others have mentioned, Al was truly a giant in the industry and so well-loved by all who came into contact with him. We miss you on this side of Eternity, Al, but until we see you again, congratulations on your promotion and job well-done!

  • Lorie Marsh

    I will never forget your kindness to Don and me, for opening your home to a girl without a place to go, and your generosity and sweet love. I look back at my time with you all at Ambassador with great fondness and hold each of you in my memories and my heart. Don and I continue to serve the Lord after these 37 years of marriage (remember you hosted our wedding reception in your home). Al, Margaret, Peggy, Jon, you all touched my young life in an unforgettable way and I thank you. Heaven is sweeter, if that is possible, with Al’s presence. One day we will hear that amazing voice when we meet again, face to face, in the presence of our Jesus. Love to you all –

  • Sam Smith

    Throughout our journey in life, we are blessed to encounter people that have utilized their God-given gifts to serve others. Whether it was Al leading a broadcast, or Margaret playing hymns on the piano, we always were welcomed in as family and blessed for the time we were able to be together. Al has finished an amazing race and we celebrate his journey home. Prayers to my favorite “Energizer Bunny” Margaret, Peggy, Jim, your families as well as their incredible team at Ambassador.

    Thank you, Al for all you did for me and those impacted by your work! I love you, Margaret!

  • Evelyn Gibson

    A treasured mentor and friend who always said he wanted to end well. He did! What rejoicing there is in heaven!

  • Max Lucado

    It is impossible to overstate my affection and respect for Al Sanders. Denalyn and I have known him and Margaret for over three decades. A kinder, gentler soul? I dare you to find one. Al always had a word of encouragement, a servant heart and a joke to share. Thanks to him, the good word about Christ went all over the world. Yet, of all the words he helped broadcast, none compare to the words he heard when he reached home: “Well, done, good and faithful servant.” ~ Max Lucado

  • Rich Bott

    I admired and loved this man. He was a true giant in the development and ministry of Christian Broadcasting. He will be missed. But his legacy lives on in the dedicated team at Ambassador. I am honored to have known him and be inspired by him in Christian service. Praying for the family and the entire Ambassador team for this loss. There is rejoicing in Heaven. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.

  • Don Green

    I’m grateful to the Lord to have known Al. What a wonderfully dry sense of humor and such a deeply wise and gentle soul. We are all better from having known him. Until we meet again, Al . . .

  • Roxie Koon

    What a Godly Man , A spiritual Giant, Al surly heard Well DONE my Good and Faithful Servant. Al will be missed by us all, but we rejoice in knowing he is with his LORD, what a comfort to know we will see him again .
    Our Prayers are with you Ms Margaret and the rest of the family . May the God of all Peace wrap you all in HIS loving arms.

  • Bishop Kenneth Ulmer

    I marvel at how many times I listened to a broadcast featuring a well known teacher, and yet the most lasting impact on me was the voice, tenor, and “blessing” of Al Sanders. He was so much the John the Baptist who pointed others to great prophetic voices; while remaining the paradox of increasing the more he sought to decrease and make way for the man or woman of God who’s name was on the broadcast.

    Bishop Kenneth Ulmer
    Biola University

  • Steve Moore

    Knowing Al Sanders has been a high point in my life. Initially as a client, I learned some things about broadcasting, even though I didn’t know I needed to learn anything. But more importantly, later on, I learned about being gracious, generous, forgiving and the consummate professional. Whether at an Ambassador office devotion or at an NRB function, you knew Al’s humor, wit and spiritual depth were sure to make it a memorable and worthwhile experience. We will miss you Al…but sure to see you again very soon.

  • Craig Belanger

    “What I tell you in the dark, say in the light, and what you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops (Matt 10:27).”

    Al was surely instrumental in the ability of many to “shout from the housetops” the good news concerning Jesus. Long before I ever knew who Al was, as a new believer in Jesus the first morning after my conversion, I awoke to the clock radio blaring my customary rock music. Strangely annoyed, I tuned the dial and stopped when I heard a man speaking about the 12 disciples. I was riveted by his words!

    That became a daily routine for me as I learned truths “whispered by Jesus” to His followers through the teaching of John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, and others, of whose ministries I may have never heard in Virginia if not for Christian radio and Ambassador Advertising. I look forward to thanking AL personally when we gather at the great banquet being planned to celebrate a glorious reunion we can scarcely imagine.

    My prayers are with Al’s family, who have been so accustomed to his presence but are now parted from him for a time. May our Lord be your constant companion and very present help in every circumstance.


  • Susan Ligon

    How does one go about leaving an oversized, lasting impression on this world while living an understated, service oriented life. Al Sanders has taught a masters class on this feat across his remarkable 94 years. As a young woman in the publishing industry, he and Margaret were true examples to me, demonstrating at every turn what it means to live with integrity, faithfulness and joy. Their shepherding of the radio ministries of so many with whom I have had the privilege of working, Max Lucado, Chuck Swindoll and others, has resulted in lives changed by the gospel. And Al’s voice could calm the stormiest heart and the twinkle in his eye could brighten the gloomiest day. He will be missed, but his spirit and legacy live on in the lives of his wonderful children and the ministry of AAA.

  • Miriam Neff

    Al had a profound impact on my husband, Bob Neff, the former VP of Moody Radio. They are singing together in Heaven now! Al, Bob, Rich Bott, and a few other Christian broadcasters went to Ecuador together for a time of respite. Leaders have lonely moments and need times to lean on each other. My husband returned changed, strengthened, and more committed than ever to his calling. He specifically stated that Al was so candid about his calling, times of questioning, and listened intently to my husband. With whom could a leader reveal his needs and questions? Al Sanders. That’s who. This giant’s transparency, intuitive listening, and evident caring for a youngster coming behind him was God’s wind beneath his wings. All continued to be that in Bob’s life for decades.

    Thank you Margaret for sharing Al with so many, blessing Bob and me as well.

  • Matt Bendell

    Praying for the entire Ambassador team in this difficult loss. Such an amazing man, and such an amazing legacy! Rejoicing along with you for a life well lived serving others and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

  • John Hayden

    Will never forget in 1982 as a college broadcasting student finding him editing in the large Day of Discovery trailer while we were taking a tour of RBC in GR, MI. He stopped editing the Sunday program to talk to us. Was so kind to take the time to show us the D of D TV set and the behind the scenes of the program. He and Margaret’s adult children are products of his loving care and leadership style. Continuing to pray as you adjust to his home going. Miriam Neff is correct, he will be missed as a leader’s leader. Yet grateful he is enjoying the presence of the Lord.

    The virtuous man is that man who knowing that good thing to do, does that thing day after day after day – Thomas Aquinas.
    We are all grateful for Al Sanders and how he modeled Jesus in living his life.

  • Glenn Price

    Al Sanders is a gentleman and a gentle man. A leader of leaders, Al always led by his selfless service to others. Al is tenderhearted and kind, generous and madly in love with his Lord, his wife, his children and all those God brought into his life. Al is funny and smart. I think the way he most demonstrated his love for God was his commitment to hiding God’s word in his heart. When I heard the news of Al’s graduation from this world into eternity, the first thing that came to my mind was Psalm 116:15 … “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

    Heaven is richer and this earth is poor for Al moving on. Well done, good and faithful servant!

  • Jeff Mitchell

    I never personally met Al, but I feel like I know him. All the wonderful things I have read tell me everything I should know about him. What an incredible legacy and wide reaching impact Al made for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Praying for continued peace and comfort for everyone in his life.

  • Terry Fahy

    Margaret, Peg and Jim: we grieve with you at this time of separation, yet rejoice with Al as he is receiving his heavenly reward.
    I arrived sort of late to the Ambassador party in 1982. But I will never forget Al’s humility, grace and humor as he blazed the trail of the quality programming he provided Christian radio stations. Thanks Al for providing our markets with the best in expositional preaching and teaching programs. And we were doubly blessed when you hosted Vox Pop on KKLA for a season. Your legacy impacts me and our listeners every day! Well done!

  • Kevin McCullough

    As a small child my mom would have our local station on in the kitchen—KCBI Dallas. I remember hearing Al’s voice in those very early years introducing many of the major ministries. In college while at Moody Bible Institute I would marvel at how Al’s voice was ever steady and joyous in bringing the good news to listeners. He was an encouragement in his mere presence and he had left an imprint for the kingdom that will never be erased!

  • Dave Santrella

    Although I did not know Al well, I am greatly indebted to him because he is in many ways responsible for my early discipleship as a Christian. When I accepted Jesus as my savior, I immediately began listening to Christian Radio. Two of my staple programs were Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll, and Grace to You with John MacArthur. They were my 5-day-a-week teachers providing me with God’s words and instruction. I know I am one of hundreds of thousands of people who would never have had exposure to these ministries and so many others, without Al Sanders and his obedience to Christ’s calling on his life.

    So thank you God for Al Sanders. And thank you Al for your obedience.

  • Bill Reitler

    In all my over 40 years in broadcasting, having the privilege of learning from, knowing, and working for and with Al, ranks as the top blessing. Prayers of comfort and peace go forth from me and my family to Margaret, Peg, Sharon, Jim, and all their family. And one big prayer of thanksgiving for Al’s momentous 94 years on earth.

  • Tom Moyer

    Peg, Jim and Margaret,
    The domino effect of Al’s impact on the Kingdom of God is immeasurable to us now, but in heaven we will see the amazing fruit…Bringing so many people to faith in Christ and building the Saints for ministry work. WAVA and all of Christian Radio is a reflection of Al’s calling. We thank God for Al Sanders.
    Tom Moyer

  • Tom Read

    As a very young kid the Lord led me to apply for an FM station in my hometown of Tacoma, Washington. This is long before there was what we now term Christian stations and very few ministries were producing daily radio programs. I reached out to Al for assistance and guidance in developing KTWR as one of the early Christian programmed FM stations. Al encouraged me to help local churches and ministries by forming a Christian ad agency and with the help of Dr. Epp, began reel to reel tape duplication so ministries could expand their radio outreach. All of this Al helped and guided me. After building my first station, Al saw the value in Christians actually owning media so that ministry programs would not be dropped anytime a secular owned station decided to change format. Al was a visionary. He was right on, on all counts.

    Later when I started to follow in Al’s footsteps and hosting programs for ministries, again Al encouraged me. We kept in touch through the years and the last time, Margaret, that Al and I emailed, Al confirmed that the KTBI call letters were first used by The Bible Institute of LA, which Al said later became Biola. In the early 40s, KTBI was used in Tacoma and stood for Tacoma Broadcasters, Inc. That was the station where I learned what the inside of a station looked like, and Al knew that when Tacoma dropped the call letters I picked them up for Central Washington meaning Keeping The Believers Inspired.

    My point is that even in advanced years, Al’s memory was sharp. I will be forever grateful for the assistance and guidance and suggestions that AL game me through the years which has resulted in the American Christian Network.

    To say Al will be missed is a gross understatement but he certainly will be.

    Tom Read

  • Terry Franson

    I got up this morning to this news from my dear friend Peggy. Most of my contact with the Sanders family was with Peggy one of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met. Often when I pray Peggy’s name comes to the top of my list. Al, as you are now home forever you and Margret raised an amazing daughter and family, your legacy lives on and on…..well done thy good and faithful servant.

  • Doug Witzig

    Margaret, I’m so thankful that you and Al were able to join a small tour group to attend the opening of a church in East Asia in the early 2000s. Your faith, prayers and presence meant so much to the local believers and our team. We all remember you playing hymns on the church piano! From that brief encounter, Al committed to praying for my family. As you well know, Al ordered his prayer list from A-Z. Our son, Zachary, became Al’s “Z” request. How blessed we were to have this man of God lifting up our family and ministry to the throne of grace each day. Thank you, Margaret, for picking up this mantle of prayer. May the Lord comfort you and your family in your time of loss.

  • Christy Bain

    I am very grateful to have met both Al & Margaret Sanders, in person, on a trip they took to Little Rock, Arkansas, years ago, to FamilyLife. I remember Al’s twinkling eyes and kind smile, as well as his quiet strength, and comforting voice…honestly, this is true of both Al & Margaret!

    Praise be to God that He is walking with and carrying Margaret and precious family members through time of loss. I am grateful.

  • David Ruleman

    Some strive to leave a legacy of the things of this world that rust and decay over time, Al’s was and is a living legacy of lives mentored and lives transformed by his personal touch or those touched indirectly through the ministries he was engaged with. His legacy will never end because his life was lived sowing eternal seed that will continue to yield an eternal harvest to the glory of our Lord Jesus.
    Giving thanks with a great full heart for Al Sanders.

  • Leah Handley

    We’re praying for Margaret, Peggy, Jim, and family. Love you all so much and so thankful for Al’s Kingdom work.
    We had every intention of attending the service this past week and had to turn the ship around due to traffic and our little ones. But please know our hearts and prayers are with you as they have been since we met you all. May God bless you, comfort you, and cause you to remember more and more intimate memories everyday.

  • Ed and Judy Underwood

    Al was always kind and encouraging to Judy and me. We have warm memories of Duffy rides with Al providing the historic commentary on Newport. One distinct memory is Al’s timely email when I had decided I couldn’t be an author. Al had read the first draft of the book. His email was short but powerful, “Write that book!” And so, I did. Judy and I will miss him as we pray for his family.