By: Lee Ann Jackson January 7, 2019

I’m having lunch this week with a good friend to see her off as she moves out of state.  While I’m sad to see her go, I admire her decision.

She’s a single mom moving from California to Texas for a job which will help provide stability and a future for her and her toddler son.  It’s a difficult decision and yet, a decision she doesn’t regret making as things are already starting to fall into place . . . a new home and childcare have already been arranged.

Unfortunately, not every single mom-to-be will have those opportunities.

In the new Sanctity of Life radio special, Breaking the Silence, from generation to generation, Brad Mattes shares about a tragedy more and more women are facing as they make a regrettable life decision:

“Over the last few years, the prevalence and number of chemical abortions have continued to rise. Pro-abortion advocates are ignoring the dangers of chemical abortion and pushing for the abortion pill to become more widely available and with it, comes a rise in the number of women who will suffer from serious physical and emotional complications.”

In the 26:00 special designed for airing on Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 20th, listeners will hear the gripping stories of two women whose lives were thrown into heartbreak and pain as a result of chemical abortions. In addition, they’ll also hear from a medical doctor who helps clarify what the process actually entails and its terrible risks.

State by state statistics show an increased number of abortion by chemical abortion even though the overall number of abortions are dropping in that state.  And, as Brad notes in the special, someone you know may one day consider a chemical abortion,

A closer look at the chemical abortion pill shows the process isn’t as natural or safe as advocates say .  Use this new found knowledge to share with women who may be contemplating an abortion — full disclosure empowers them to make choices that both they and their babies can live with.

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