By: Katie Burke December 13, 2019

Are you one of those people who has already bought a fresh planner in anticipation of January?  Do you start thinking of all the goals you want to set while putting up lights on your Christmas tree?

I confess that I am one of these people.

And while goal setting and thinking of ways to be intentional in the New Year isn’t wrong, I do think there’s something to be said for being in the present moment.  It is still 2019 and before a new year (and decade!) comes, I want to make the most out of reflecting on the past twelve months.

Focus on the Family gives listeners a chance to do just that by revisiting their “Best of 2019 Broadcasts” each December.  I can just imagine people listening to programs they first heard back in January when they were taking down their Christmas lights – or in July while driving to a friend’s cookout.  What an incredible opportunity to reflect on what we’ve heard, learned, and how we’ve changed as a result!

Take a look at the list of Focus on the Family’s “Best of 2019 Broadcasts.”  See if you recognize broadcasts that sparked something new in you!

  • Seeing the Value of Every Person (Emily Colson)
  • Growing Your Marriage in Times of Stress (Milan and Kay Yerkovich)
  • Helping Your Daughter to Become a Confident Woman (Dr. Meg Meeker)
  • Motivating Your Kids to Reflect the Character of God (Dr. Kathy Koch)
  • Discovering God’s Freedom from Pornography (Nick and Michelle Stumbo)
  • Unwrapping the Real Christmas (J. John)
  • Enjoying Marriage at Any Age (Ted Cunningham)
  • Sharing the Gospel through Hospitality (Dr. Rosaria Champagne Butterfield)
  • Grasping the Power of Forgiveness (Al and Lisa Robertson)
  • Trusting God with Your Adult Child (Jodie Berndt)

Once again, your listeners are in for a special treat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when Focus on the Family airs “Memories of Christmas.”  You’ll hear heart-warming reflections about family, sacrifice, generosity, loss, and renewal.

For more resources for Christmas from Focus on the Family, be sure to check out our Christmas Radio Tool Kit.

Merry Christmas!


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