By: Lee Ann Jackson January 11, 2020

My life has forever been changed for the better because of Scott.

That’s what my friend, Julia, said to me when I asked her to tell me about her teenage son, Scott, who has Down syndrome.

Life with Scott is a joyful adventure! His capacity to love seems to be greater than the rest of us. He never ceases to amaze me with his witty humor and simple yet profound observations about the world. He lives life fully engaged with people without worry about what people think of him. Sometimes I think it is a tiny glimpse into what man might have been like before the fall in the Garden of Eden.  I cannot imagine our family without him. He hugs me tightly each morning and evening and tells me he loves me.

What an encouragement to own my heart Julia’s words were and how particularly timely as celebrating the lives of those with Down syndrome is the focus of this year’s Sanctity of Life radio special from the Life Issues Institute!

God has placed on my heart a desire to protect individuals with Down syndrome.  I’ve seen the love, joy and passion they bring to life. I have watched people fall in love with them.  People enjoy being around them and it’s a deep abiding desire to educate the world that these individuals have so much to offer society. – Brad Mattes, President of the Life Issues Institute and host of the daily one-minute radio feature, “Life Issues.”

In the 26:00 radio special, Every Life Matters: The Truth about Down Syndrome, Brad interviews:

  • Shauna Amick, Vice President of Development at Joni and Friends and mom to Sarah, born with Down syndrome
  • Katie Shaw, an articulate young woman and active self-advocate who has Down syndrome
  • Karianne Lisonbee, a state representative in Utah who is passionate about using legal means to guard the life of every pre-born child

Sanctity of Life Sunday is January 19th – contact me for details and clearance to air at

I know that Scott is made in the image of God and his life has immense worth. I love to shout the worth of people with Down syndrome  . . . often so overlooked by the world as the abortion rate is so incredibly high that we don’t have the presence of these people in our world as God intended. – Julia


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