By: Lee Ann Jackson October 1, 2018

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – a reminder of how precious life is.

For Anne Graham Lotz, this month takes her further down a path she just recently began:

Yesterday I had my one-week check-up after breast cancer surgery. While there are some issues to be expected, the doctor believes that all seem to be healing nicely, for which I praise God. The surgeon then revealed, with compassion in her eyes, that she had the pathology report. As she went over the numbers, it became evident that the results were not what I had prayed they would be.  A trace of cancer was found in the lymph nodes which alters the follow-up treatment significantly. So beginning October 18th I will begin eighteen weeks of chemotherapy, with additional treatments stretching out over the next twelve months.  The adventurous journey through the valley of the shadow will be longer than anticipated. BUT I am still confident the Shepherd will walk with me each step of the way until He sees me safely through!

As is evident in Anne’s writings, speaking and radio messages, her faith is unwavering:

There is one devotional thought that has been sent to me by quite a few of you. It is entitled, What Cancer Can’t Do It then lists about a dozen things.  It’s a great list, and I was encouraged when I read it. But I wanted to turn it around. Although I’ve only known about my cancer for a little over a month and so in no way qualify as an expert. I have experienced some things already, and I’m expecting to experience even more things, that cancer can do. I want to share them with you. Feel free to add to the list.

Cancer Can…

…enrich love

…refocus hope

…strengthen faith

…deepen prayer

…command peace

…bolster confidence

…increase endurance

…multiply friendships

…enhance memories

…open doors

…realign priorities

…grow courage

…create empathy

…tenderize compassion

…develop character

Cancer can be a blessing in disguise.

Cancer can be the preliminary to bearing much eternal fruit.

Cancer can be a display case for God’s glory.

Please continue to pray for my healing, and that I will not miss what cancer can do for me.

Anne has shared that the hardest thing facing her is the need to clear her schedule. She notes that by necessity, she’ll have to cancel commitments throughout the next year in order to take the cancer treatments:

As I looked ahead at the calendar, I could almost audibly hear the “click” of the Divine pruning shears. I’m confident that the Gardener knows exactly what He’s doing. I’m more expectant than ever of bearing much eternal fruit. For His glory.

Indeed, the Lord is already being glorified through Anne.

Thank you for your prayers for Anne and for all who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

(And, if you know someone traveling on their own cancer journey, encourage them by sharing Anne’s recent blog in which she includes heartfelt and faith-filled reflections on her own cancer path.)


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