By: Katie Burke August 28, 2017

Did you know?  Long before it was a weekly 26:00 broadcast, “The Boundless Show” was a popular podcast from Focus on the Family — answering the need for a consistent, thoughtful voice for today’s Christian young adult.  Hosted by Lisa Anderson, Focus’ director of young adults, each show offers a mix of interviews, discussions, and question and answer opportunities.  The format is lively and engaging in challenging 20-and 30-somethings to reject society’s low expectations and live biblically and intentionally in all things, including relationships.

And this weekend, “The Boundless Show” will celebrate its 500th episode by airing listener testimonials and clips of the most popular interviews as voted on by fans.  Just who are these “fans”?  They are your listeners — young adults who want to grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family.

Get to know these listeners through their stories . . . here’s just a sample of what “The Boundless Show” has meant to them:

I’m 90% sure I’ve listened to every Boundless episode from its inception, and I’m now 38 years old and in a serious committed relationship with a pastor that is quite wonderful!   ~Latrice

As I think back on the years of listening to the show, what stands out most to me is a comment that Lisa made about wanting not just any marriage, but a marriage that she could sing about.  I just got married at the beginning of June.  I am 33, and during the years of hoping to find my wife, I sometimes felt crushed by a sense of urgency and discouragement that maybe I would miss my chance because I was being too careful.  After ending a couple of dating relationships, I finally came to a similar conclusion as Lisa’s…that I would much rather serve the Lord as a single than be alone in a marriage where my wife and I could not share the same dreams and hopes for our lives.  Now I am in a marriage that I can, and do, sing about.  As soon as my (now) wife and I started dating, I felt a peace and security in the relationship that I had never experienced.  Before getting married, I had deep doubts about my own ability to be a good husband, and it is amazing how the Lord can use marriage to heal our deepest fears.  Each day my wife and I strive to speak truth into each other’s lives and work together to build a marriage that is a place of restoration for each other and for the world around us.  I so appreciate how your ministry walked with me through this journey and helped me toward a balance of taking risks and hanging on to contentment.   ~David

A Boundless discussion which really hit home was covering broken marriages of parents.  The discussion softened my heart as my parents’ marriage were not based on Christian values, nor were they proving to be a positive example in any way. Growing up, their issues were swept under the carpet.  It’s still a struggle, but knowing Christ and having my church family and you guys share your experience have been immensely helpful.   ~Alexandra

The August 2013 episode when Susie Larson interviewed Lisa was the most impactful episode for me. Whereas so many of the resources directed toward the single experience boil down to self-help and the same dry advice reconstituted with a splash of milk, this interview was in contrast an encouragement to hear.  Thanks to Boundless, I understand that my identity is based on who I am and what I have in Christ, rather than what I’m “missing” as a single person.   ~Karen

Watch “The Boundless Show Changed My Life”
Lisa Anderson of “The Boundless Show” received a surprise visitor and fan of the weekly show.  Lisa says, “Brooke credits ‘The Boundless Show’ for taking her from being a ‘Christmas and Easter Christian’ to an understanding of what it means to really follow Christ.  This is why we do what we do!”

I hope that as you’ve read and watched these stories that you’re inspired to be part of the solution to help young adults grow up, own their faith, date with purpose and prepare for marriage and family.  If so, your three action steps are below!

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Thanks for your partnership in helping future families thrive!

P.S. Lisa Anderson, is a frequent talk show guest being interviewed on topics related to singles, millennials, dating and more.  Request an interview with Lisa from Ashley Durand at


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