By: Lee Ann Jackson June 20, 2016

It’s said that communication is key.

As a mom of a teenager about to start high school, I couldn’t agree more.

My soon-to-be freshman is taking summer school surveys which often communicate worldview messages.

Recently, she told me about a survey in her health class which equated abortion to adoption as an option to an unplanned pregnancy.

In a recent “Life Issues®commentary, Brad Mattes shares the story about a college student taking a photography class.  Her professor told her to showcase something she was passionate about-and since she’s passionate against abortion, the student told him she’d highlight something pro-life.  The professor was less than thrilled, saying, “I won’t give you a good grade if you do it on that.”

In the commentary, Brad shares that the student remarked that this was discrimination to which the professor replied, “Call it what you want but I’m warning you.”

The student took black and white photos holding pro-life signs and then went to a department head who assured her there would be no retribution.

As Brad notes, “Many pro-life students face harassment or discrimination, but they must stand strong in the face of censorship.”

While I don’t wish for my daughter to have such a confrontation, I do want her to be prepared for the possibility.  And, if we want our children to defend the value of life, we must communicate the importance of it to them  . . . the world is certainly going to great lengths to communicate the opposite!

As pro-life issues continue to be addressed in society, the importance of the “Life Issues®” commentary becomes more heightened.  As Brad encourages listeners, we cannot be silent.

Lee Ann Jackson

Ambassador Advertising.  We Connect.  Ministry and Media.

P.S. For additional pro-life resources to further equip your listeners to communicate the importance of life, visit the Life Issues® Institute web site.


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