By: Lee Ann Jackson December 17, 2019

God is creating in you a beautiful miracle and you will not be able to understand that fully until that baby is born but to end that baby’s life is to rob yourself of all the gifts, the blessings and beauty that God wants to give you.  – Shauna Amick, Joni and Friends, mom to Sarah, born with Down syndrome.

People with Down syndrome are too often considered expendable. In certain countries, government policy is to abort all babies with the genetic markers. In the process, the world is robbed of people who most joyfully and kindly shine brightest among us.

For these reasons and so many more, Brad Mattes and the Life Issues Institute, present a new radio special for release around Sanctity of Life Sunday 2020 titled, Every Life Matters: The Truth about Down Syndrome. 

God has placed on my heart a desire to protect individuals with Down syndrome.  I’ve seen the love, joy and passion they bring to life. I have watched people fall in love with them.  People enjoy being around them and it’s a deep abiding desire to educate the world that these individuals have so much to offer society.

In this 26:00 special, in addition to Shauna, Brad interviews Katie Shaw, (an active self-advocate for Down syndrome), and Karianne Lisonbee (Utah legislature). As Brad shares in the special, there is such a significant need to address this issues as,

67% babies diagnosed with Down are aborted and more tragic – parents are often told false, or negative scenarios regarding their children’s potential.

The special will share about the importance for legislation to protect unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome, though it’s the real-life, human stories that touched Brad’s heart the most and that’s what he most looks forward to sharing with listeners,

The radio special interviews were a very uplifting and joyful process that has given me much encouragement that people are passionate to protect those who are considered less than in society.

Contact me,, for details and clearance to air the special!


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