By: Selah Cosentino April 16, 2018

“You can have as much of God as you want.”

That’s what a recent guest speaker said during Ambassador’s staff devotions.

The unending access God gives us to Himself truly is unfathomable—and it includes an invitation to study His Word!

When folks visit Museum of the Bible (MOTB), they are met with opportunities to engage with the history, impact, and narrative of the Bible.  (The Ambassador Team has seen firsthand the exemplary ways they make that possible … we were so privileged to be able to explore the museum on dedication day last November!)

But it doesn’t stop in Washington, D.C.  Every day, more than 850 radio outlets broadcast The Book.  MOTB’s one-minute feature brings the vision statement, “Inviting all people to engage with the Bible,” to people nationwide.

Listeners get better acquainted with the bestselling book of all time as untold stories and interesting facts come alive in a contemporary dramatization.

This month’s timely content featured stories of notable historic figures such as:

… as well as shared special stories in honor of:

Thank you for what you do to help your listeners connect with the stories of the Bible!


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