By: Hannah Bare October 3, 2019

Ever feel like you have a case of the butterflies?

You know what I mean, the odd sensation you get when you’re waiting for undelivered news.  It seems to me, the more urgent the news, the more butterflies I experience.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I was thinking a lot about butterflies as I heard little Saliou’s story this week.  Saliou was the first patient to step aboard the Africa Mercy in Senegal.  Can you imagine how many butterflies he had, hoping that his cleft lip would be healed?

Saliou is one of the many patients that will board the Africa Mercy in the next nine months.  For each of them, the journey will begin with butterflies, as they dare to dream of being healed.

But oh how wonderful is God’s timing – this very time of year marks the migration of butterflies in Africa. As patients with butterflies await results, the skies are filled with actual butterflies.  And get this, some can even be seen out at sea.  How marvelous is God’s providence in even the little details of life!

Who knows, maybe Saliou saw a butterfly the day he was healed.

I know the next time I see a butterfly, I’ll be reminded of Saliou and the lives being touched by Mercy Ships.

So thank you – because you air The Mercy Minute, the world will now hear stories of transformation from butterflies to beauty.


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