By: Katie Burke July 11, 2016

There’s no question it’s been a painful week in our country.  In response to the horrific death and destruction in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas, President Obama said, “…there’s unity in recognizing that this is not how we want our communities to operate.  This is not who we want to be as Americans.”

To affirm aloud, “This isn’t right” is a good response.  When we see one another’s face, filled with sorrow and anger, it’s right to believe more and ask each other, “What’s beyond this?” At times like these it’s important to remember we do know faces of people who have gone beyond their circumstances.  These are the people we want to be, and their stories teach us how.

The ministry of Reach Beyond highlights these stories each day in their 1:00 short feature.  They also do this in their monthly podcast, and I encourage you to listen to the latest edition to hear Joseph Kebbie’s story — especially if you’re facing huge obstacles right now and need to hear about God’s faithfulness.  Here’s a description of the episode:

From Refugee to Missionary 

The story of Joseph Kebbie is a blend of tribulation, hope and victory.  Through the intervention of God, Joseph was rescued from a refugee’s life to one that is now serving Jesus throughout Sub Saharan Africa.

Born in Liberia, Joseph’s life was turned upside down during a brutal civil war there.  After leaving the country, he lived in three African countries.  At one point he was earning just $20 a month in a full-time job. 

You’ll meet Joseph in this episode. His contagious faith in the midst of hardship will cause you to look at Jesus in a new way in your own life. 

Joseph and his wife Genevieve, were recently blessed with a new baby girl and they live in Ghana.  His life is certainly one of transformation and being used by God to transform others.

What struck me from Joseph’s story was his ever-present optimistic spirit.  His attitude for gratitude is contagious, and convicting.  When faced with trials he’d say, “Life is not just where I am now” and would then actively look for how he could serve God, better himself, and serve people.

I know you’ll be encouraged by Joseph’s story (which involves finding a career in Christian radio!).  Click here to listen.  For more stories to share with your listeners, check out “Reach Beyond” (daily 1:00).


Let’s reach beyond together,

Katie Burke

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