By: Katie Burke February 22, 2019

Stand up for the pre-born by signing Focus on the Family’s Declaration for Life!  When you and your listeners sign the Declaration, you’ll receive valuable information and pro-life resources to help you to continue to be a compassionate and compelling voice for all life.
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After you add your name to the Declaration, check your calendar!  Consider joining thousands that will gather in New York City on Saturday, May 4 for the “Alive from New York” event in Times Square.  Can’t join us in New York?  Add a note to your calendar to pray as pro-life Americans stand together in what is known as “The Crossroads of the Word.”  As Jim Daly recently said, indeed “we’re at a crossroad as a nation regarding life.”
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Stay engaged in this defining cultural moment concerning these important life issues.  One way to do that is by airing “Focus on the Family,” where the Focus team will continue to inform your listeners on what’s at stake and how they can help.  Coming up, Jim Daly invites Kathy Sparks who will share her experiences as an abortion clinic nurse – and tells how God led her from darkness into light.  “Defeating the Darkness of Abortion” airs March 12-13.
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Thank you for your ongoing support for life and the pre-born!



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