By: Lee Ann Jackson November 28, 2016

I’ve had “the talk” with my three children.  It wasn’t the most comfortable but, I did it and I was glad to check it off my parenting list.

Through the years, there have been other important and sometimes, uncomfortable talks I’ve had to have with the children.  I recently realized it’s time to have another significant discussion with them.

I renewed my driver’s license this year and opted to designate myself as an organ donor.  It wasn’t until I listened to the Sanctity of Life radio special for 2017, End of Life: Who Gets to Choose that I realized I should talk with my children about this decision.

As Brad Mattes, President of Life Issues Institute, and a panel of guests note in the 26:00 compelling radio special, the organ transplant industry is larger than the abortion industry.  And, as patients are being given the diagnosis of brain dead without the opportunity to heal, the question arises:

“Could health care providers be over eager to harvest organs from a donor whose prognosis is less than certain?”

While opting to be an organ donor is a noble thing, as Brad notes, a lot can go wrong.  And consequently, I want to be sure my children are equipped to make decisions when the time comes.

In the special about the sanctity of life, Brad underscores the need to give careful consideration to end of life decisions,

“Organ donation’s a good thing, but new evidence shows you need to be careful when considering this for yourself or a loved-one.”

Contact me for details on sharing this important message, End of Life: Who Gets to Choose with your listeners for Sanctity of Life Sunday, January 15, 2017.


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