By: March 3, 2020

Is the gospel a New Testament concept only?  Where do you first read about God’s redemptive plan—somewhere before Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?

Starting this week on “Grace to You,” John MacArthur shows your listeners the Gospel is as old as the very first book in the Bible.  But according to John, you can’t understand the good news of the Gospel until you understand the bad.  He further states (in the opening of this week’s study), “If you want to know how bad things are in the world, if you want to know how bad things are in every single human heart, you have to go back to the first chapter of Genesis.”

Make sure listeners tune in for this unique look at the origins of the gospel of grace in John’s brand new study titled Genesis of the Gospel, airing through March 13.

Then, with Easter in view, John examines The Crucifixion Chronicle, based on Luke’s detailed account of the Calvary story. Your listeners will see aspects of Christ’s sacrifice for sinners that they’ve probably missed, preparing them for a worshipful and joyous Resurrection Sunday.  This series airs March 24–28.

Be sure to download the March Program Tool Kit for more details and for a list of resources available this month, including Only Jesus — a new book by John MacArthur.  It provides the tools needed to answer questions like “What is saving faith?” “How should we invite sinners to embrace Christ—as Savior only? Or also as Lord?” For a limited time, it’s free to any listener contacting the ministry for the first time.

Were you in Nashville at NRB last week?  My hope is that if you were it was as meaningful and productive for you as it was for us.  One particular special moment was when the ministry shared video testimonies from long time listeners–all were reminders of the power of radio and God’s redemptive plan in each of our lives.  Here’s a brief glimpse of some of the fellowship the Grace to You team enjoyed with station partners last week.


If we missed seeing you … let me know.  We’ll be sure to make it a point to connect at next year’s NRB in Dallas.


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