Studies show that 59% of all Christians either seldom or never share their faith with another person. Yet, 87% of people who are not in church have at least one close friend who is a Christian.

What if there was one place for Christians …

  • To deepen their commitment to evangelism?
  • To get the resources necessary for taking their witnessing efforts to the next level?
  • To connect with fellow faith-sharers and discuss stories and questions, and offer encouragement and inspiration? is that place!  And you are invited to get the word out to your listeners!

Your Role

Help spread the word that is now available—and remind listeners that every day is a new opportunity to share the hope of Christ.

Each weekday, we’ll provide you with a choice of scripts for your on-air hosts, as well as 15-second and 30-second “prompts” voiced by Barry Meguiar.  You choose what to air and how you get it (Amb-OS or FTP).  All three airing options encourage and stimulate your listeners’ faith-sharing endeavors—in half a minute or less!

What Listeners Get

  • Video testimonials of faith-sharers in action, to inspire their own practical evangelism
  • A library of blogs and articles with talking points, statistics, and tips
  • Option to join the “IgniteAmerica Community” (think Facebook meets Meetup) where they can connect with like-minded Christians and share their stories

What Stations Get

  • Access to an online “dashboard” to monitor activity specific to your station’s audience
  • One script per weekday in both the 15-second and 30-second genre
  • One audio “prompt” per weekday in both the 15-second and 30-second length
  • Banner images for print and web promotion of your partnership with IgniteAmerica
  • Interview opportunities with Barry Meguiar, founder and president of Revival Outside the Walls and IgniteAmerica

Get Involved or Ask Questions

    I’m Already a Partner

    I need scripts and/or other promotional resources: Link to Dropbox folder

    I need FTP audio access: Link to FTP permissions portal

    I need Amb-OS audio access: Link to Amb-OS permissions portal

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