By: Lee Ann Jackson September 16, 2019

Sometimes, in the middle of a perfectly ordinary day, life gives you a moment that’s completely magical.

A favorite quote I was reminded of it thanks to a coupon from a favorite clothing store.  Though the coupon’s intent was to sell me clothes,  I couldn’t help but wonder about all the times, in the middle of a perfectly ordinary day, God gives us a moment that’s completely magical.

Sometimes the magical moments are more common . . . when my married adult daughter texts me to join her for coffee at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop.

Other times, the moments are uncommon and life changing . . . when the doctor calls with the biopsy report and gives you the good news that lab results show it’s benign.

On a recent “Life Issues,” Brad Mattes shared about a life changing magical moment that Trevor Williams, a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and his wife, Jackie experienced,

Trevor and Jackie decided to pursue adoption and were blessed when a young, pregnant woman chose them to be adoptive parents of her daughter and a sister to their son Isaac.  God’s timing can be surprising, to say the least!  Just twenty-four hours after the couple found out they were adopting, they discovered Jackie was pregnant.  Sometimes parents are blessed with a child through adoption.  Sometimes it’s through natural birth.  But on special occasions, children can be a blessing through both!

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