By: Katie Burke January 29, 2018

What words would you use to describe what your family has been through over the last year, 5 years, or even a generation?  I came up with four, after a mental review of who sat around my grandmother’s living room last weekend as we gathered for a family birthday party.  The words are: disability, divorce, cancer, and widowhood.

And then I thought of four more words — the legacy character traits born in response to unexpected events:  selflessness, perseverance, courage, and joy.

Each family has their own set of words — hard-earned from life’s trials and our choices.  And what family doesn’t need help with the challenges and changes that occur year after year?  Thankfully, it’s for this purpose that Focus on the Family exists.  They seek to be a reliable resource not just to help a family thrive – but to thrive in Christ!  And just as we honor a marriage that’s reached four decades of faithfulness, so we also honor the ministry that’s helped so many marriages reach those milestone years.

Just last year, Focus on the Family celebrated 40 years of strengthening marriages, equipping parents, speaking on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves and addressing public policy issues affecting the family (read more).  But the celebrating isn’t over yet!  You’re invited to the Focus on the Family 40th Anniversary Dessert Reception at the NRB Convention in Nashville, TN on February 29 at 7:30PM.  Click here for details and to RSVP.

As you prepare to join in the celebration, please take a moment to read a very small sample of the words Focus on the Family listeners used to describe how recent broadcasts have challenged and encouraged their hearts . . .

Wow!  Jase and Missy’s testimony has helped hold my mind to the tracks of truth.  In August of last year, our son (age 2 1/2 at the time) was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was determined to be cancer … This is a blessed reminder that this is not about me, but rather what God is going to do through us and our family. 

I recently went on a long vacation and was missing the show as part of my daily routine.  I have only been a listener for a little less than a year, but it has already brought me so much joy in my marriage and my parenting.  

When [Kimberly Wagner] said her prideful actions had prevented her from seeing clearly her husband’s struggle, it hit me like a freight train. Bam! I knew right then that I had to ask my husband’s forgiveness for pointing my finger at him. I needed to point it back at myself … I’ve been going to counseling, tried antidepressants, and other self-help remedies. But, Jesus is the only answer.

Inspiring stories like these are featured regularly in the Focus Forward weekly e-newsletter.  If you don’t already receive this source of inspiration and information, subscribe today!

Before I go, I have four more words for you:  faithfulness, excellence, steadfast, partnership — words I use to describe Focus on the Family’s Christian radio partners.  Without whom, testimonies like the above wouldn’t be possible.

See you at NRB!


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