By: Katie Burke March 10, 2019

Have your expectations for trustworthy news sources dipped?  It’s challenging to know if the words on the screen and the sound bytes we hear are correct, in context, and unbiased.  Listeners feel that way too — and you know they rely on your media outlet for guidance in processing the day’s events through a biblical worldview.  That’s why Focus on the Family just announced a way to help you and your listeners feel prepared to address hot-button topics:  The Daily Citizen.

Here’s what Focus on the Family President Jim Daly shared about the announcement:

The Daily Citizen doesn’t exist to be your only news source. The Daily Citizen exists to be your most trustworthy news source.

As you may have heard, the decision was recently made to expand and transform our original Citizen Magazine from its exclusive print format to a multi-media outlet capable of responding to breaking news.

In order to get access to timely news and analysis, please “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Our team is filing several stories per day, reported through the lens of God’s unchanging Word and timeless principles.

Again to access The Daily Citizen please visit:



While The Daily Citizen is not a new audio resource, it is a new resource for those who create good audio.  So check out The Daily Citizen and get the timely and relevant analysis of current events and cultural trends — from a biblical worldview.


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