By: Katie Burke April 15, 2019

Can you think of the last time you’ve dedicated 12 weeks to something really important to you?  Maybe it was a weight-loss goal, a commitment to Bible reading, or a big work project.  If you ask the team at Focus on the Family, I know exactly what they’d say: the See Life Clearly campaign that’s about to culminate in Times Square to celebrate the sanctity of human life. The best part is – there are a number of ways you can take part!

Alive from New York

Alive from New York is a Focus on the Family event designed to marvel at the wonder of human development in the womb and encourage advocacy for women facing unplanned pregnancies and the preborn.  The event will feature live music and inspirational speeches from special guests, as well as abortion survivors.  The defining moment of the event will be a live 4D ultrasound broadcast on massive digital screens in Times Square.

You and your listeners are invited to join us in Times Square (Ambassador will be there!):

•  Attend in-person:  register online for your free ticket
•  Watch the livestream:  sign-up for a reminder
•  Help promote:  download web banners and radio spots 

Amb-OS will carry the LIVE feed from 3:00PM-4:30PM ET on May 4.  For more details and to sign up, contact Jennifer Perez at

Before & After Alive from New York

Here’s what you can do starting now to help the world #SeeLifeClearly:

  1. Pray:  please join us in covering the Alive from New York event in prayer
  2. Stay informed:  sign-up for Jim Daly’s blog where he regularly posts important perspective on pro-life concerns
  3. Help promote the “Declaration for Life” document:  download web banners and radio spots 

What’s at Stake

As you consider ways to be involved with this historic event, please be encouraged by this inspiring message recently received by Focus on the Family.  Stories like this wouldn’t be possible without the help of Christian media!

Erica is the director of the ABC Pregnancy Care Center in Garden City, Kansas.  She called to share that a woman came into her clinic for counsel.  She had an abortion scheduled for today, but she heard Abby Johnson on the Focus on the Family broadcast, and she decided to cancel the abortion and went to the pregnancy care center instead!  She said the message she heard on Focus was a sign that she wasn’t supposed to go through with the procedure!  Erica is excited that this baby’s life will be saved and thanked us for airing this program.

Thank you for joining us in speaking up for life!


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