By: Lee Ann Jackson November 4, 2019

Wildfires have been burning across California this past week while the risks for more blazes remain high throughout the state.  Warm dry weather and strong seasonal winds this week have created a “recipe for explosive growth,” according to the National Weather Service.

Most fires that ravaged California over the past two weeks are now more than 70% contained, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.  However, fire danger is top of mind as we watch the winds for any fanning of flames and remain in prayer for the communities impacted and all the first responders.

The timing of recent “Daily Light for Daily Living” radio messages from Anne Graham Lotz could not have been better.  In messages just last week, Anne  spoke about fire, not the devastating fire and life threatening fire we’re seeing here in California, but the fire that saves lives:

In our journey of faith, the Holy Spirit quickens us, stirs us up and guides us to focus on bringing God Glory. But He also sets us on fire to fulfill that purpose.  Throughout the Bible, fire is used to describe the Holy Spirit. He sets our hearts on fire  . . .

for God Himself,

for God’s Son,

for God’s Gospel,

for God’s Word,

for the people whom God loves

and for the purpose for which we exist, to bring glory to God.

I’m continually in awe of how God nudges our heart to focus on Him, His message of hope and the reminder to guard our hearts against the pressures of conforming to this world . . . regardless of any storms we might face.  As Anne shares from His Word,

Listen to me, we should be fired up all the time. We are commanded in 1 Thessalonians 5:19, Do not put out the Spirit’s Fire, don’t quench His fire through willful sin and disobedience, don’t neglect Him by rushing through or skipping your daily prayer time and Bible reading.

Anne’s messages are timely reminders to do whatever it takes to fan the flame to keep our hearts on fire for God!


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