By: Haley Jessup September 25, 2017

It’s truly amazing how uniquely the Lord created each and every one of His children.

We all have specific gifts and skills that contribute to the purpose He has planned for our lives … if only we choose to follow.

And as I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading blogs from well-known speakers recently, I’ve been pondering the tragic reality of those who have great talent and do not put them towards the service of Christ. I often wonder how different the impact of their platforms would be if only they would use them for the glory of the kingdom.

In a recent edition of It’s Time to Pray, Pastor Carter shares:

As a genuine believer in Jesus Christ you are most likely experiencing a measure of the sorrow that’s in His heart for this fallen and falling generation. It’s difficult to watch and listen to the continuous defilement of people—young and old who are created for and in the image of God. With evil on such parade, sometimes our only comfort comes simply from knowing that we belong to Christ and we are still here for His purposes on this Earth. Let the touch of God’s favor be on you today. Lift up your head. He loves you!

I’m thankful that Pastor Carter always seems to hit the nail on the head, speaking wisdom and hope into situations that are marked by sorrow.

And as difficult as it may be to watch, may we look to the Lord (1 Chronicles 16:11), let our light shine before others (Matthew 5:16), love others as he has loved us (John 15:12), and pray unceasingly (1 Thessalonians 5:17)—for now, more than ever, it’s time to pray.


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