By: Haley Jessup December 2, 2016

“God uses His people to touch lives. Each day I pray that I will have that privilege. Some days God answers my prayer quickly.—Steve Douglass

The holidays are in full swing, and we hope that you’ll seek to not just survive the weeks ahead, but to make the most of this season’s opportunities.  Here are a few of Cru’s outreach ideas for Christmas … may we put on the lens of Christ and be watchful of the ways in which we can highlight the Christ in Christmas.

1. Throw a Party

Invite your friends over and practice Christmas traditions, showing them how to connect Jesus to the holiday — all in the context of a fun and festive gathering! You can do so for children in the neighborhood as well, inviting them over to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with cake, games, and the Christmas story.

2. Put it in Writing

Incorporate the gospel into your Christmas card! Use a verse or hymn lyric to overlay your family photo, and pray over each person as you sign their card.

3. Invite People to Church

People are most open to visiting church during Christmas, so ask them to join you! You can bring friends to service and engage them with questions afterwards, or go Christmas caroling and leave a printed invitation to your church at their door.  You might also consider leaving small gifts, such as a Christmas ornament, an evangelistic book, or a DVD on their doorsteps as well.

4. Volunteer

Ring the bell for Salvation Army, play Santa Claus, or serve in a soup kitchen — you never know whom you might meet! More intimately, you can also do something nice for a neighbor, like shoveling someone’s sidewalk or offering to help put up Christmas lights.  Extend yourself and share Christ in the process!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas! And, as always, grateful that you encourage listeners to “make their lives count” amidst every season.

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